Assessment for the New Curriculum:
A Guide for Professional Accounting Programs



Part I: Understanding Assessment


Chapter 1: The Context for Assessment

Chapter 2: Stakeholders and Participants in Assessment

Chapter 3: A Model for Assessment Planning

Part II: Developing the Assessment Program

Chapter 4: Establishing Purposes and Priorities of Assessment

Chapter 5: Budgeting and Allocating Resources for Assessment

Chapter 6: Clarifying Curricular Goals

Chapter 7: Translating Goals Into Curricular Objectives

Chapter 8: Developing the Research Plan and Methodology

Chapter 9: Measuring Learning Outcomes

Chapter 10: Assessing Contributions of the Educational Environment

Chapter 11: Using Assessment Results for Program Improvement

Chapter 12: Identify Process Improvements and Revise the Plan

Epilogue: Achieving the Promise of Assessment


Resources and References


Resources on Change in Accounting Education