AIS Research Proposals

This site is to assist AIS researchers looking to improve their research. The Senior Scholars listed below are willing to volunteer to provide timely feedback on research proposals for members of the AIS Section. All proposals are limited to one (1)  page and should consist of the 3 Kinney paragraphs (i.e., What is the research question? Why is it important? How is the research question going to be addressed?). 

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AIS Senior Faculty Volunteers

Mary Curtis
University of North Texas
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Bruce Dehning
Chapman University
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Sev Grabski
Michigan State University
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Diane Janvrin
Iowa State University

Alex Kogan
View CV

Elaine Mauldin
University of Missouri- Columbia
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Uday S. Murthy
University of South Florida
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Vernon J.  Richardson
University of Arkansas
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Miklos Vasarhelyi
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David Wood  
Brigham Young University
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Letter from the President

Hello all,

I am looking forward to serving as your president this year. I want to start by thanking my predecessors, Rob Pinsker and Tina Loraas, for their excellent service and commitment to our section. I also want to thank all the new volunteers for the 2017-2018 academic year. I greatly appreciate your willingness to serve and move the AIS section forward.

In the upcoming year, I plan to continue Rob’s work regarding our commitment as a section to mentoring AIS Ph.D. students. I would like to start by taking this opportunity to highlight several important initiatives that I believe will be valuable resources to our new AIS scholars. First, our newly created websites for AIS Research Proposals and Dissertation Committee Support have been launched. AIS researchers looking to improve their research can submit one-page proposals to get early feedback from senior AIS researchers. AIS doctoral candidates who need dissertation committee support can request help from senior AIS researchers at other institutions via our new website. We hope making these important connections available will encourage more Ph.D. students to join our AIS community and continue to improve our body of research. 


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Journal of Information Systems

Journal of Information Systems

The Journal of Information Systems (JIS) is the academic journal of the Accounting Information Systems (AIS) Section of the American Accounting Association. Its goal is to support, promote, and advance Accounting Information Systems knowledge. The primary criterion for publication in JIS is contribution to the accounting information systems (AIS), accounting and auditing domains by the application or understanding of information technology theory and practice.

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Calls for Nominations

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