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Things to See and Do in New York

Getting To New York | Getting Around New York

There are so many fun, intriguing and educational things to see in NYC that it is impossible to list them all here. The link above will take you to a listing of things to see.

New York City has hundreds of museums that are open to the public. Many museums have free days/nights for visitors.

A little bit of everything you need to know become a true New Yorker.

For an overview of New York, try this site.

Did you know there are more than 29,000 acres of land in New York City that are overseen by the NYC Parks Department?

According to one count there are over 15,000 eateries in Manhattan. Here's a site that will help you narrow down your food choices while you're in town.

Restaurant Reservations
With all of the restaurants choices you have in New York, this site can help make a reservation once you've made your decision.

The Great White Way houses over 40 theaters. If you want to see a show while you're in town this listing will let you know what's currently playing.

Walking, biking, and boat tours abound in New York.

General Information
The City of New York has prepared this website to assist visitors in experiencing all the excitement the Big Apple has to offer.


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