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An Invitation from the AAA President

A Video Message from Nancy Bagranoff

Nancy BagranoffI am delighted to invite you to the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association in San Francisco, California! The meeting begins on Sunday, August 1, 2010 and extends through Wednesday evening, August 4. Of course there are many pre-meeting activities, as well, including our third Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting, and so you may be spending as much as a week in California.

The theme for our meeting this year is Global Thought Leadership. Many of you have heard me talking about this over the past several months. The AAA is and has long been a thought leader through our research, education, and service. In a global economy, and with a significant proportion of our membership outside the US, our members incorporate diverse perspectives and contribute to the advancement of accounting thought around the world.

In keeping with our theme the meeting will begin with a plenary presentation by Robert (Bob) Bunting, President of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). This global organization's independent boards develop accounting standards in ethics, auditing, education, and public sector accounting. IFAC's members and associates represent more than 2 million accountants worldwide. Bob has been on the IFAC Board since November 2005. Apart from his work at IFAC, Mr. Bunting is a Partner at Moss Adams LLP, where he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1982 – 2004. From 2004 to 2005, Bob chaired the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) Board of Directors and he has previously chaired the Audit Committee, Board of Examiners, and SEC Practice Section Executive Committee. He will talk about how accounting education and research can advance the profession as we meet the challenges of our global economy.

Tuesday morning's plenary speaker will be James Kroeker, recently appointed Chief Accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Jim was previously a partner with Deloitte and Touche, LLP, having worked in the firm's National Office Accounting Services Group since 2002. His background includes a stint as Practice Fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The SEC has a number of issues of interest to academics on its plate, including the proposed road map for adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards. Jim will provide us with the most current information on the status of that issue as well as others of particular interest to members of the accounting academy.

At the Wednesday morning plenary session Bob Kaplan, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School, will deliver the Presidential Scholar address. Perhaps best known for his work in developing the balanced scorecard and activity-based costing, Bob has contributed much to global thought leadership in accounting. He has published extensively in strategy, financial, cost, and managerial accounting. He served as Dean of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2006, he was named to the Accounting Hall of Fame and received the Lifetime Contribution Award from the AAA's Management Accounting Section. Bob has promised a thought-provoking speech about the pressing need for accounting scholars to integrate the measurement of uncertainty in fair value accounting and risk management.

The Tuesday luncheon speaker is yet-to-be-announced so there is still one surprise waiting. At the Wednesday luncheon, Kevin Stocks will deliver his Presidential Address. Kevin is KPMG Professor and Director of the School of Accountancy at Brigham Young University's Marriott School. He has previously served as the AAA's Vice-President for Education and President of the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum section. He has contributed much to the advancement of accounting education through his many service and scholarly activities.

As you might imagine, it takes at least a village to put together a meeting on the scale of our annual gatherings. This year's Program Chair is Ajay Adhikari (American University). Helping him is Lynn Rees (Texas A&M University) as Program Chair-elect. There are three separate Program Advisory committees. The Strategic Relationships Team is being led by Ira Solomon (University of Illinois) and Bob Colson (Grant Thornton). Susan Crosson (Santa Fe Community College) is heading the Teaching and Learning Events Team and Venky Nagar (University of Michigan) is leading the Research Events Team. These individuals and their committees are assisted by many others, including the AAA's outstanding meeting planners and the staff in Sarasota. Additionally, the Section Liaisons play a major role in shaping the program. We also appreciate the work of the many, many reviewers whose work improves the quality of the meeting and provides valuable feedback to authors.

San Francisco is an exciting venue. Many of you will have a familiar feel when you come to the meeting as we are going to be at the same hotels we last visited in 2005. The Hilton has done some remodeling in the interim, but it retains its extensive meeting space and is, of course, located centrally so that you and your accompanying guests can simply walk out the front door and visit many of the area's attractions.

Our AAA meetings have grown in size and diversity of program offerings so that there is always something for everyone. The annual meeting is like no other in its breadth of research and educational sessions, opportunities to meet and network with colleagues, career placement and supportive services, and exhibitions. And if you find yourself with a moment to spare, you can always get some exercise walking the hills of San Francisco, and perhaps snacking on some sourdough bread or Ghirardelli chocolates. See you there!

Nancy Bagranoff
President, American Accounting Association



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