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Submit your proposals by midnight EST March 29, 2010 for the American Accounting Association's Third Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) to be held July 31-August 1, as part of the AAA Annual Meeting (July 31-August 4) in San Francisco, California. Your proposals will be peer-reviewed and you will be notified by April 19, 2010 if you are selected to be one the CTLA faculty. [Early bird submissions will be peer-reviewed and notified in January.] Questions about CTLA submissions? Please contact Deirdre Harris at or Susan Crosson at

CTLA is designed for new and experienced faculty looking for opportunities to refine their teaching talents and perfect their craft in teaching accounting. The conference surrounds the AAA Annual Meeting to offer teaching oriented CPE and an Insiders' Guide – a kind of "road map" – to sessions on teaching and curriculum related topics throughout the Annual Meeting program. A concluding "What's Next?" session at the end of the annual meeting provides a chance for reflection on learning across the meeting, and making recommendations for future Conferences on Teaching and Learning in Accounting.

Part hands-on teaching clinic, part mentoring by master teachers, and part staying current on emerging topics in accounting!

Call for Submissions are being solicited for the following sessions (you are encouraged to submit for more than one session):

Effective Teaching Practices Forum
Description: CTLA Faculty will share a course in a poster session. The poster will display course materials (i.e., syllabus, calendar, exams, projects, etc.) for a course currently taught. Faculty should also be ready to discuss on a one-to-one basis how they teach the course including their teaching approach with conference participants both at the Saturday July 31 luncheon and reception. These faculty may also be invited to be mentors at the Sunday afternoon CPE session.
Proposal should include: Course name, course description, link to your course website and its course materials, and a brief statement about why you believe this course is a model course.

Craft of Teaching Accounting Sessions
Description: Multiple 50 minute breakout sessions Saturday afternoon (that will be repeated) featuring topics like: teaching large classes, experiential learning – getting students engaged, getting classes off to a good start, ethics, teaching online, and technology supported learning. (Session schedule will be created based on submissions and the number of conference registrants…we are trying to keep these breakouts small and hands-on.)
Proposal should include: A short description of proposed session topic and its learning outcome. Preferred format for session: panel, active learning, lecture, etc. Note if Internet and/or AV is required.

Teaching and Technology Roundtables
Description: Share your favorite teaching or technology tip in ten minutes or less at roundtables. During the 50 minute session Saturday afternoon, you will present your tip three times. This session is high energy and lots of fun!
Proposal should include: A short description of proposed teaching or technology tip, the course or courses it is used in, and why it is so effective.

Teaching with Technology
Description: Four 100 minute concurrent sessions Sunday morning on effectively using technology to teach/learn accounting. Sessions should actively involve participants in hands-on learning. Sessions could include creating audio and video podcasts, blending web-based and electronic-based resources with paper-based resources to create a robust and meaningful courses, learning how to upload videos into YouTube, adapting print-based assignments into web-based assignments, or adding work-authentic accounting software or database assignments. Participants will be at roundtables.
Proposal should include: A short description of proposed session topic and its learning outcome. Note if Internet and/or AV is required.

Preparing for Class
Description: A small-group half day session Sunday afternoon for CTLA participants to customize their own course materials, i.e., syllabus, course calendar, and exams for a course of their choice, but also learn more about the art of teaching. Small groups will be formed around creating either an undergraduate financial accounting, managerial accounting, audit, AIS, or tax course. Participants should bring their laptop, course description, textbook, old course materials, and school calendar. The session will provide hands-on mentoring by experienced faculty for two hours and conclude with a special teaching keynote speaker. Session will provide a review of best practices and hands-on mentoring by experienced faculty. (Current thinking is that small cohort groups will be formed based on registrant's interests.)
Proposal should include: Which course did you submit for the Effective Teaching Practices Forum? Are you willing to mentor during this Sunday afternoon CPE session?

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