American Accounting Association

CPE Session 36

CTLA CPE: Teaching Strategies
for Today and Tomorrow

Presented By:

Cassy Budd, Brigham Young University
Tracie L. Nobles, Austin Community College

Description: Come and learn about teaching strategies you can implement in your classroom today and build on for tomorrow. Participants will learn about developing an effective learning environment using three basic characteristics. In addition, participants will be introduced to student learning strategies for adult learning (andragogy) and generational learning. In conclusion, participants will have the opportunity to complete a teaching perspectives inventory and reflect and explore how these perspectives impact the classroom.

Presentation #1 Developing an Effective Learning Environment
This session will discuss practical ways to create a sense of order, encourage enthusiasm, and focus on fairness. Participants will explore the interaction of these characteristics to improve the classroom environment and student motivation.
Presenter: Jason Porter, University of Idaho

Presentation #2 The Pattern of Conflict
In this session, participants will learn how conflict arises and how to effectively resolve it in the academic environment. Come explore how your own perspective can promote positive results when dealing conflict.
Presenters: Cassy Budd, Brigham Young University; Monte Swain, Brigham Young University

Presentation #3 Teaching Perspectives Inventory
Participants will assess their preferred teaching style and identify their natural strengths and learn how to navigate possible pitfalls. Participants will also draft a teaching mission statement based on their preferred teaching style.
Presenter: Tracie Nobles, Austin Community College

Field of Study: Personal Development
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: New or experienced faculty.

Format/Structure: This session will be part lecture, part group discussion and part workshop.

Learning Objective: Participants will explore critical pieces needed for an effective classroom environment, assess their preferred teaching style, develop a teaching mission statement and discuss ways to effectively resolve conflict.

Prerequisites: None.

Advanced Preparation Required: None.

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