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CPE Session 17

16th Annual Ethics Research Symposium

Presented By:

Andrew J. Felo, Pennsylvania State University
Marty Stuebs, Baylor University

Description: The 16th Annual Ethics Research Symposium will focus on ethics research and teaching within the field of accounting. It encourages thoughtful papers, case studies, and teaching cases in a number of different areas of accounting ethics scholarship. Sample topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: •Philosophical foundations of accounting and accounting ethics •Theological foundations of ethical accounting practice •Historical perspectives on the development of accounting ethics •The application of sociology, psychology and/or political theory to ethical issues in accounting •Accountancy as a profession with ethical aspirations •Accounting ethics compared to professional ethics •Critical studies of ethical lapses in business or accounting practice •The ethical role of accounting in social and environmental reporting The symposium provides a platform for papers and panel sessions at the intersection of accounting and ethics. We encourage researchers in all areas to identify and address the ethical implications in your research.

Field of Study: Behavioral Ethics
Program Level: Overview
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: Accounting educators and professionals who are interested in either (or both) accounting ethics research or teaching accounting ethics

Format/Structure: All day meeting composed of some or all of the following: (1) an introductory session, (2) concurrent sections of research paper presentations with discussants, (concurrent sectins on teaching accounting ethics, (4) a luncheon that will feature an address by the winner of the Acconting Exemplar award, (5) a panel discussion on ethical aspects of accounting, (6) a forum session for research papers not included in the concurrent sessions.

Learning Objective: A platform for providing exposure to and understanding of the trends and latest studies in accounting ethics research. A platform for disseminating and understanding how to teach accounting ethics to accounting students.

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisite required for attendance but authors who would like papers considered for presentation should consult the information in the ADVANCE PREPARATION section

Advanced Preparation Required: Authors wishing to have papers considered for presentation at the Ethics Symposium should submit their papers through the AAA Submission and Peer Review System (SPRS).


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