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CPE Session 30

Accounting Case Teaching Workshop

Presented By:

Vaughan S. Radcliffe, University of Western Ontario
Mitchell J. Stein, University of Western Ontario

Description: The Case Teaching Workshop provides a practical guide for faculty looking to effectively use cases in their teaching. The workshop will be led by accounting faculty from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario who teach classes in all degree programs with cases alone. Ivey is an internationally renowned case based school and is the second largest publisher of business cases in the world.

Workshop leaders will draw on Ivey's deep case learning culture and practice to show how cases can be used to enrich class learning and produce strong student engagement and enthusiasm. A step by step approach will be taken to the case learning process, from the crucial first steps of an instructor's preparation, including the development of effective case discussion materials, through the facilitation of rich and interactive case discussion and the subsequent evaluation of class contribution.

When used effectively case learning is unmatched in its ability to develop business insight. There are however many pitfalls that may await the inexperienced case teacher. The session will provide an overview of key techniques essential to develop case learning insights to their full potential.

Field of Study: Accounting
Program Level: Overview
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: The Workshop is intended for faculty looking to start using case teaching or to more effectively use case teaching in their classes. It will be appropriate for colleagues looking to use cases in all or in part of their course offerings.

Format/Structure: The workshop will involve step by step review of the full cycle of case preparation and teaching. Presenters will provide an overview of key areas and facilitate participant discussion and sharing of experiences, concerns and insights. Workshop exercises will focus on particular elements of the case teaching and learning experience.

Learning Objective: After completing the workshop participants will be able to plan the use of cases in their classes and will understand how to choose and sequence cases appropriate to class needs. Participants will have reviewed the proper teaching preparation of cases, the effective facilitation of case based classes, and the evaluation of students' contributions to class discussion.

Prerequisites: Experience in the use of case teaching is not required to participate in the Case Teaching Workshop. Participants should however have given clear thought as to the courses in which they would like to use cases, and the topics they see as having most potential to benefit from the use of case teaching.

Advanced Preparation Required: Participants should review their relevant course offerings and syllabi, and be prepared to discuss elements of these as well as their more general considerations or concerns in adopting the case teaching method.


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