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CPE Session 22

No-Nonsense Course Design - Taking a Reflective Look at your Classes

Presented By:

Marsha M. Huber, Youngstown State University

Description: This session is for you to take a reflective look at what you’re doing in their classes. The goal is to develop a course that not only fulfills your learning objectives, but is also motivating for your students.

In this no-nonsense approach, faculty must first determine what they “really want students to learn.” This is not as easy as it sounds, and takes conversation to determine what those learning goals really are. Once this is determined, your will be asked to take an honest look at whether or not this goal is being accomplished. If there is a gap or underachievement of the goal, then redesign is in order.

The next step in the process is to determine your system of rewards. Sometimes there is a misalignment of learning goals and grading. Once the grading scheme is determined, assignments need to be developed to support the learning goals.

Lastly, cultivating an appreciation of learning is one learning goal too often ignored. Studies on gratitude have shown that there is a relationship between gratitude and cognition, achievement, and life satisfaction. Part of this process is gathering and reacting to feedback from students. You will be challenged to think of ways to promote the love of learning in your classes.

Field of Study: Accounting
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: Faculty who want to improve their teaching effectiveness, faculty interested in changing the student culture in their classes, executives transitioning from the corporate world to the classroom, and graduate students.

Format/Structure: This session will be an interactive session with participants working with partners. There will be guided discussion as participants take a fresh and honest look at their classes. If you are not achieving the outcomes you want from your students, the session’s goal is to help you find strategies to fix it. Activity 1: Discussion with your partner of what you really want your students to learn. Activity 2: Discuss gaps between what you want and what is happening in your courses? Activity 3: Evaluate the message your grading scheme is communicating to you students, and Activity 4: Developing a feedback loop between you and your students to develop the love of learning.

Learning Objective: At the end of the session, you will: (1) Determine what it is that they really want students to learn, (2) Determine the gaps between what you want and what is happening, (3) Evaluate grading schemes for the “messages” being sent to students, (4) Evaluate the mix of assignments you use to support your grading scheme, (5) Break your class into manageable themes, and (5) Develop a feedback loop that encourages the love of learning. You will leave the session with a revised syllabus.

Prerequisites: none

Advanced Preparation Required: Bring a course syllabus with you that you would like to revise.


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