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CPE Session 14

The Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting Classroom: Inspiring Future Public Servants

Presented By:

Tammy Waymire, Northern Illinois University

Description: Governmental and nonprofit (GNP) accounting courses have the potential to inspire accounting students to pursue rewarding careers in public service, and, at a minimum, should prepare students to serve as civic leaders, board members, and engaged citizens. GNP accounting courses come in various sizes and shapes within accounting programs across the U.S. Some schools don’t offer it all; others offer it in small doses; and a smaller number offer a full semester course and actually encourage students to take it. This session is designed to help instructors develop a GNP accounting course, of whatever shape or size, that underscores the relevance of this sector of the economy, links the accounting for public and private sectors, and integrates material that emphasizes both technical skills and soft skills, and . . . makes it fun!

Field of Study: Accounting (Governmental)
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: The intended audience includes instructors considering the development of a governmental and nonprofit accounting course or course component. In addition, practitioners who may have interest in the topic are welcome.

Format/Structure: The session will incorporate both the motivational and technical components of teaching a governmental and nonprofit accounting course, as well as feedback related to the projects and assignments in the course. The session will be interactive, and participants are encouraged to ask questions and make comments throughout.

Learning Objective: The session will provide a framework and materials for designing and implementing a governmental and nonprofit (GNP) accounting course that fits whatever dimensions afforded by the instructor’s institution. The session and materials provided will help participants achieve three teaching objectives in a GNP accounting course or module: (1) increase awareness of the relevance of GNP accounting topics, (2) link the operational characteristics and accounting for GNP entities to those of their for-profit counterparts, and (3) develop students’ policy-making skills. Participants will have the template and materials to implement an effective GNP accounting course or course module.


Advanced Preparation Required:


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