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CPE Session 10

Designing and Teaching User Oriented MBA Accounting Courses

Presented By:

sudhir K. Chawla, Angelo State University
Zafar U. Khan, Eastern Michigan University

Description: Most undergraduate and graduate accounting courses are designed for accounting majors. This is also true for accounting textbooks. However, most of the MBA students are not accounting majors and have little interest in the details of how transactions are recorded or how a process cost report is computed. This workshop will focus on how to design-topics to cover, cases and other course materials to use, projects, etc. those are important to MBA students. It will also focus on use of lecture, in-class-exercises, student presentations, and overall pedagogical approach that would make the course useful and interesting for marketing, management and other majors in the MBA class. Detailed course syllabi and course materials for financial and managerial accounting MBA courses will be presented and shared with the workshop participants. This workshop should be of interest to faculty interested in designing and teaching a true user-oriented accounting course that would better serve their constituents and hopefully improve their student evaluations. The presenters are an accounting and marketing professor with experience in teaching user oriented MBA courses.

Field of Study: Accounting
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: The workshop should help the participants to design and teach user oriented accounting MBA courses. Therefore, the workshop should be of interest to faculty teaching or planning to teach MBA Accounting courses. The workshop may also be of interest to administrators, MBA program directors, who may be interested in knowing more about user-oriented MBA accounting courses.

Format/Structure: The workshop will include lecture, discussion, presentation and sharing of research and other relevant materials that would help the participants to design and teach their own user oriented financial and managerial accounting MBA courses. The workshop will also present an opportunity for participants to share their experiences. It may include an assessment of current courses taught by participants and their effectiveness. Complete handouts will be distributed to the participants.

Learning Objective: Understand user oriention and preparer orientation in accounting courses. Design and teach a user oriented MBA accounting course.


Advanced Preparation Required:


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