American Accounting Association


CPE Session 34

Teaching Written Communication Skills for Accountants: Basics and Beyond

Presented By:

Sheila Elworthy, CA School of Business
Susan K. Wolcott, CA School of Business

Description: This session will introduce a rubric and additional support materials to help accounting professors teach and assess the following sets of written communication skills:

A – Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage B – Sentences, Paragraphs, and Organization C – Formatting D – Tone E – Audience

The rubric was developed by Susan Wolcott on behalf of the CA School of Business (a pre-certification program for Chartered Accountants in Western Canada) from a thorough analysis of numerous existing communication rubrics. It addresses the basics of writing as well as skills such as tone and audience that are essential to success in the accounting profession. The CA School of Business grants copyright permission for professors and others to use the rubric without charge.

The session will be conducted as follows:

-- Reflection by participants about the goals for accountants’ written communication skills

-- Brief introduction to the rubric

-- Participant practice assessing communication skills on a short accounting homework assignment

-- Introduction of techniques and other resources for helping students develop stronger communication skills

-- Group discussion of additional ideas

Field of Study: Communications
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: Accounting faculty, accounting practitioners, and individuals responsible for assessment

Format/Structure: The workshop will consist of short lectures and activities, in which participants will identify desired communication skills, practice using a rubric to evaluate student work, and discuss ideas for teaching and learning.

Learning Objective: Identify desired communication skills, practice using a rubric to evaluate student work, and develop ideas for teaching and learning

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation Required: None


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