American Accounting Association


CPE Session 33

Toward a Future Accounting: Breaking with Tradition

Presented By:

Carl Thomsen, Sonoma State University

Description: The objective of the workshop is to demonstrate how traditional and time-worn tools of accounting can be transformed into an up-to-date, universal, efficient, and effective new approach to accounting education.

Among the transformed elements are: The accounting equation is replaced by a 12-element network model. Two-line journal entries are replaced by single-line journal entries. Debits and credits are replaced by TO and FROM. The ledger is replaced by the DSUM spreadsheet formula. The network model is applied to many areas outside accounting. The three traditional financial statements are replaced by a single network picture.

Participants will also receive material that can be used in their classes immediately: A spreadsheet personal accounting system in which the students learn accounting by modeling their own finances. A two-year automated spreadsheet practice set that moves from original entry to financial statements.

All the materials used have been presented and regional, national, and international meetings and have been successfully tested in the classroom.

Field of Study: Accounting
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: Anyone teaching any level of financial accounting.

Format/Structure: The format of the workshop will be lecture and demonstration.

Learning Objective: Think about accounting from a network perspective. Begin experimenting with implementation of network accounting in a framework that fits her/his classroom style.

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation Required: All materials used in the workshop will be available to participants ahead of time'


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