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CPE Session 05

Be Prepared..... to develop Ethical Accountants

Presented By:

Andy Garcia, Bowling Green State University
Wallace R. Wood, University of Cincinnati

Description: This workshop is for faculty developing or improving an Accounting Ethics course, including those newly assigned to teach ethics and those frustrated or unsatisfied with teaching ethics.

The workshop will be tailored to help participants choose content and choose assignments and choose teaching methods, and will develop grading skills, peculiar to philosophy AND psychology Ethics.

The workshop will emphasize effective and easy pedagogy for philosophy-decision-making, and psychology influence skills.

Arranging and managing the experiential learning assignments which emotionally improve adults will also be will be demonstrated.

Professor Wood has taught the capstone Professional Ethics course about 40 times since 2000, and has led active learning and ethics pedagogy workshops at the AAA-regions and at recent AAA-national meetings.

Field of Study: Behavioral Ethics
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: Faculty who are developing a new course in professional ethics are desired. Faculty who have attempted to teach ethical decision making and are in need of addoitional or alternate pedagogy tools, are welcome.

Format/Structure: The ethics education pyramid of two Skills and two kinds of knowledge and two kinds of arranged experiences form the outline of an ethics course intended to improve participant's future behavior. The workshop will involve tailored teaching (including diagnostic quizzing) to allocate time according top participant needs and preparation.

Learning Objective: 1) How to inspire almost independent student acquisiion of knowledge. 2) How to develop Student skills of deciding and implementing those decisions, including assignment design and grading, with emphasis of writing and collaborative discovery learning activities. 3) How to arrange and manage experiential learning for emotional and habitual inmprovement, with emphasis on community service and vicarious empathy through film.

Prerequisites: None.

Advanced Preparation Required:


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