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CPE Session 06

Share Your Classroom Experiences: Publish in Accounting Education Journals

Presented By:

Anthony H. Catanach Jr., Villanova University
Dorothy Feldmann, Bentley University

Description: This workshop provides educators interested in publishing teaching related scholarship with practical and constructive suggestions for navigating the editorial process. Although interest in publishing pedagogical work has increased, many faculty members still struggle with getting their classroom contributions into print. This session hopes to remedy this situation by specifically addressing five questions that most often contribute to the demise of a manuscript submission:

• When is a paper properly motivated? • What should you include in a literature review? • What research strategies can you use? • How do you organize and present a manuscript? • What role do implications and conclusions play? • How does writing quality affect the review process?

Additionally, this workshop is designed to be highly interactive with participants encouraged to present their questions and views on the publication and to discuss research ideas they want to share on teaching related scholarship. This session should benefit any accounting educator that is considering publishing their classroom work in an accounting education journal.

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: This session is ideally suited for any accounting educator new to publishing in accounting education journals. It may be particularly useful for new faculty who may not have been introduced to the accounting education literature in their doctoral programs. The program might also benefit accounting program administrators who are unfamiliar with the rigor and standards adopted by most accounting education journals.

Format/Structure: Session I (75 minutes) – This module introduces / reviews the process of publishing in accounting education journals. It concludes with a discussion of the importance of properly motivating a pedagogical paper. Session II (75 minutes) – The importance of three commonly overlooked manuscript attributes are discussed in this section: the literature review, the paper’s implications, and the conclusion. Session III (75 minutes) – Participants will learn how to properly organize and format their manuscript. What constitutes “good writing” in accounting education journals also will be discussed.

Learning Objective: Plan and organize a manuscript for submission to a pedagogically-focused academic journal. Properly motivate and write a high quality paper with particular attention to the literature review, research strategy, implications and conclusion sections. Better respond to referee and editorial comments that are raised during the manuscript review process.

Prerequisites: None.

Advanced Preparation Required: None.


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