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CPE Session 27

Engaging Students- What the Best College Teachers Do

Presented By:

William A. Stahlin, Stevens Institute of Technology

Description: This workshop focuses on how the best college teachers engage students in the learning process. It is designed to deepen attendees’ understanding of the art and craft of teaching, stimulate their thinking about how they teach and to re-examine truths that we accept as self-evident.

There will be a blend of theory and application of pedagogical issues during this interactive session. Among the topics to be discussed are the following:

1. Who are today’s students? 2. How do students learn? 3. How to create a supportive learning environment 4. Students centered vs. faculty centered education 5. How the best teachers treat students 6. Communicating effectively

Each attendee should leave the session with a number of ideas to enhance student learning and create interest in accounting. Additionally, attendees will be able to take a new look at the way they have been conducting their courses.

Field of Study: Accounting
Program Level: Basic
Method of Delivery: Group — Live

Intended Audience: This workshop is designed for all college accounting instructors who are interested in engaging students in the learning process and in deepening their understanding of the art and craft of teaching.

Format/Structure: The workshop will consist of instructor led lectures and discussion. Powerpoint slides and handout material will be used to supplement the presentation.

Learning Objective: • Revaluate your understanding of how students learn • Create a supportive learning environment • Differentiate between student centered and faculty centered education • Discuss how the best teachers treat students. • Identify ways of communicating effectively

Prerequisites: none

Advanced Preparation Required: none


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