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Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline – January 5, 2011

Engage to Make a Difference
The theme for our 2011 meeting is "Engage to Make a Difference." This theme builds on the AAA strategic vision of thought leadership. Striving for thought leadership through our research, teaching, involvement in practice, and standard setting works best when we are all engaged and participating. Individually, no one can be engaged in all areas and issues. However, each member of the AAA can be involved in providing thought leadership in their teaching, or in their research, or in working with the profession and the myriad of local, regional, national or international regulators and standard setters. The 2011 AAA Annual Meeting will celebrate and highlight the difference we can make when we are actively engaged in our profession.

On August 6-10, 2011, the American Accounting Association (AAA) will hold its Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. The Program Advisory Committee invites academic and practitioner members from around the globe to submit completed research papers and proposals for a variety of concurrent sessions. Submissions are being accepted online and must be received by 11:59 pm EST on Wednesday January 5, 2011, to be considered for inclusion in the program. There is no submission fee. All submissions must be completed electronically at

Submissions can be made in any of the following areas. For accepted submissions, all participants (presenters, panelists, moderators, and discussants) will be required to register for the meeting, and pay associated registration fees.

Note: For tracking purposes, you will need to create a user ID and password during the submission/volunteer process. You will need this information to update contact information and/or access the status of your submission, or your volunteer assignments. This user ID and password does not need to match your AAA login, and will not grant access to AAA member services (i.e., registration, dues renewal, etc.). Please use the same user ID and password for ALL Annual Meeting submissions and volunteer activities.

Concurrent Paper and Research Forum Sessions
Submissions are made by section/topic area. Submissions to any section that are deemed to be within the purview of another section category will be redirected to the more appropriate section for review. It is considered an abuse of valuable reviewer and liaison time to submit the same paper to more than one area.

Concurrent Panel Sessions
Submissions are made by section/topic area. Submitters are responsible for populating the panel, extending invitations, and hosting participants, as appropriate.

Emerging and Innovative Research Sessions
These sessions are intended to highlight promising emerging and innovative research ideas. Authors will submit a short abstract of three to four pages that describes their work in progress or a planned session that will bring ideas currently outside accounting to the attention of accounting scholars.

New Scholar Concurrent Sessions
New Scholar Concurrent Sessions provide junior faculty members constructive feedback on their research prior to submission. Faculty earning their Ph.D. in 2005 or after and current Ph.D. students are eligible to submit papers for consideration. Submitted papers in this category are peer reviewed. Senior researchers in each area will critique papers accepted for the New Scholar Concurrent sessions and provide feedback in small interactive sessions with authors. In addition, individuals whose papers are accepted for the New Scholar Concurrent Sessions will be asked to review and critique another accepted paper.

Effective Learning Strategies Sessions
These sessions offer an interactive format for presenters to have an intimate forum for exchange of ideas and resources that support learning in accounting.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Sessions
These sessions comprise full- and half-day workshops, providing opportunities for in-depth attention and study of more complex issues and topics.

The Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA)
This conference is designed for new and experienced faculty looking for opportunities to refine their teaching talents and perfect their craft in teaching accounting.

Volunteers: Consistent with the conference theme, the Program Advisory Committee strongly encourages all members to consider volunteering to serve as reviewers, paper discussants, and session moderators. If you are submitting a paper or proposal for the 2011 Annual Meeting, please consider "giving back" to the community by volunteering to serve in one or more of these roles.

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