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Annual Meeting Speaker Videos Are Available
The luncheon and plenary speakers from this year's Annual Meeting in Denver were excellent and shared ideas that could be valuable throughout the year. The videos are only available to AAA members, so you will need to log into the AAACommons with your AAA Login ID and Password. Enjoy the videos, and please comment on them to provide the speakers with feedback and thanks.

The Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section
WOW Event at the Denver Art Museum - August 9

Denver Museum of ArtThe Teaching Learning and Curriculum (TLC) Section and KPMG proudly present the second annual WOW event to be held at the Denver Art Museum on Tuesday, August 9 from 6:30-9:30pm. The WOW Event featured speaker is Dr. Richard J. Light, the Walter H. Gale Professor of Education, Kennedy School of Government, at Harvard University. Dr. Light will lead three interactive exercises on core values that are being used with Harvard students at the museum auditorium. Ticket prices for the WOW Event are $60 per person and can be purchased when you REGISTER for the Annual Meeting. The ticket price includes Dr. Light’s presentation, admission to the museum and galleries, food and beverage, and transportation to and from the museum. Dr. Light will also be the invited speaker for the TLC breakfast on Monday, August 8 at 6:45am. Already registered for the Annual Meeting? CLICK HERE to add the WOW Event or the TLC breakfast to an existing registration.

Robert H. HerzSubmit a Question to Bob Herz
The Monday morning plenary speaker at the AAA Meetings in Denver is Robert Herz, the former Chair of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Mr. Herz has agreed to an interview/conversation format where he will address questions submitted by the membership of the American Accounting Association. This is a great opportunity for all of us to hear from somebody who has had a unique perspective in observing the evolution of financial reporting in today’s economic environment.

We invite everyone to submit a question to Bob Herz. The topics can be broad or specific and can pertain to any issue related to financial reporting. Examples might include, the accounting standard setting process, convergence with IFRS, the challenges of regulating financial reporting in today’s economic environment, or implications of recently released updates to accounting standards.

Denver SkylineEngage to Make a Difference
The theme for our 2011 meeting is "Engage to Make a Difference." This theme builds on the AAA strategic vision of thought leadership. Striving for thought leadership through our research, teaching, involvement in practice, and standard setting works best when we are all engaged and participating. Individually, no one can be engaged in all areas and issues. However, each member of the AAA can be involved in providing thought leadership in their teaching, or in their research, or in working with the profession and the myriad of local, regional, national or international regulators and standard setters. The 2011 AAA Annual Meeting will celebrate and highlight the difference we can make when we are actively engaged in our profession.

AAA Service ProjectWhat is the 2011 AAA Service Project?
There are a great number of elementary students in Denver who are in need of basic school supplies such as a backpack, pencils, paper, etc. As part of our meeting, we are each provided with the opportunity to help these youngsters prepare for success in the new school year.

How can I get involved?
You can bring supplies with you to the Annual Meeting in Denver, purchase supplies at an office supply store within walking distance of the meeting hotels, or you are welcome to make a monetary donation in any amount. Click here to donate securely online. All monies donated will be used to purchase school supplies. We also invite you to help stuff backpacks with the school supplies while you are in Denver. Be sure to check your Annual Meeting materials for more information on how you can help!

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