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Note: For tracking purposes, you will need to create a user ID and password during the submission process. You will need this information to update and/or access the status of your submission. This user ID and password does not need to match your AAA login, and will not grant access to AAA member services (i.e., registration, dues renewal, etc.).

Concurrent Paper Sessions
Papers are sought for presentation in concurrent sessions on topics of interest to accounting researchers, educators and practitioners. Concurrent paper session submissions are assigned by Section/Topic Liaisons to be peer reviewed by colleagues in the section/topic area. Discussants are typically assigned to provide commentary during the paper presentations. [See Guidelines]

Paper Dialogue Sessions
The paper dialogue sessions represent a new presentation format for research papers introduced at the 2009 New York meeting. These concurrent sessions are designed for authors to solicit broad feedback and audience participation in a workshop style format. Four or five papers will be grouped together for a single session where each presenter will have five to ten minutes to present the paper followed by five to ten minutes for session attendees to provide input before the next paper is presented. No formal discussants will be assigned to papers. Those attending these sessions are expected to actively provide input to authors. Authors are encouraged to prepare a list of particular topics or items for audience comment. Paper submissions for these sessions are assigned to Section/Topic Liaisons to be peer reviewed by colleagues in the section/topic area. [See Guidelines]

New Scholar Concurrent Sessions
New Scholar concurrent sessions provide junior faculty members constructive feedback on their research prior to submission. Faculty earning their Ph.D. in 2006 or after and current Ph.D. students are eligible to submit papers for consideration. Submitted papers in this category are peer reviewed. Senior researchers, matched to the paper by the Section Liaison, will critique papers accepted for the New Scholar Concurrent sessions and provide feedback in small interactive sessions with authors. In addition, individuals whose papers are accepted for the New Scholar Concurrent Sessions will be asked to review and critique another accepted paper. [See Guidelines]

New Scholars Concurrent sessions are 90-minute time blocks. Two new scholars and two senior faculty are paired at small tables. Each senior faculty provides 10-15 minutes of constructive feedback on each paper, and each new scholar will provide 15 minutes of feedback on the other new scholar's paper. Both senior faculty and new scholars will provide written feedback for the new scholars at their table. The goal of New Scholar Concurrent Sessions is to help authors improve a promising working paper for future journal submission. Therefore, submitted papers must not be currently under review at a journal.

The text of the submitted papers must be less than 30 pages in length (not including references, endnotes, tables, figures and appendices). Co-authored papers are acceptable, even if one of the coauthors does not meet the definition of a new scholar in this submission category. One coauthor for each accepted paper may participate along with the New Scholar in the session, but the submitting New Scholar must attend. Papers selected for the New Scholars Concurrent Session will be listed in the official program of the 2011 Annual Meeting.

New Scholars Concurrent Sessions are open only to the participants.

Research Interaction Session
The Research Interaction Session will continue in a format designed to encourage interaction among participants and broader dissemination of findings, ideas, and implications of their research. In this interactive format authors will be given space to provide graphical representations, interactive technologies, and displays to highlight key findings and research methods that will facilitate discussion with participants. Presentation guidelines are available from section liaisons. [See Guidelines]

Online Availability of Papers
Authors will have the option of allowing their papers to be available online approximately 30 days prior to the meeting through 30 days after the meeting. The AAA has determined that online availability of papers for this period of time will not preclude subsequent publication in AAA journals. The Program Advisory Committee encourages authors to post their papers online, as such posting enables interested parties to read papers before the meeting, facilitating robust and active discussion at the concurrent sessions.

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