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To expedite the review process, electronic submissions are required. All manuscripts must be submitted through the Manuscript Submission and Peer Review System of the Journal of the American Taxation Association, located at, except for revisions of papers originally submitted before January 1, 2010; those revisions which should be submitted via email to the editor at The site contains detailed instructions regarding the preparation of files for submission. To ensure anonymous review, please note that the article title page (with author names) must be in a separate file from the manuscript text. In the case of research using instruments (experimental material, questionnaires, etc.), this material also should be submitted in a separate file. With the exception of the cover page, the identity of the author(s) should be deleted from the files. Contact Professor Sansing if file compatibility or electronic submission presents a problem.

All manuscripts must comply with the JATA editorial policies and style guidelines. The submission fee of $75.00 in U.S. funds is to be paid by credit card following the instructions found at

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The Journal of the American Taxation Association is published twice a year (Spring and Fall) by the American Taxation Association. JATA is printed under the auspices of the American Accounting Association in Sarasota, Florida.

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American Accounting Association
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The annual JATA Conference is held in conjunction with the ATA's Midyear Meeting in February.

Editor (Manuscripts)

John Phillips
Editor, Journal of the American Taxation Association
Associate Professor
University of Connecticut
School of Business
Department of Accounting
2100 Hillside Road, Unit 1041
Storrs, CT 06269-1041

Associate Editor (Book and Software Reviews)

Jay Soled
Rutgers University
Accounting, Business Ethics, & Information Systems
Phone: (973) 353-1727
Fax: (973) 353-1283

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