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ATA Syllabus Exchange - click here for list of syllabi

The syllabus exchange link is an Excel file that you can download and sort in the manner that you prefer. The Excel file has underlying links to the syllabi that are on the ATA website.

Call for Syllabi (updated Fall 2013)

The tax syllabus and case exchanges provide ATA members with the opportunity to share teaching materials with other ATA members. The Teaching Resources Committee is updating this part of the ATA website and is considering adding other tax course materials (e.g., projects). We ask you to submit any syllabi, cases, and other materials from your undergraduate and graduate tax courses that you are willing to share. If you have shared some of these before, we thank you but ask that you do so again so the materials are as up-to-date as possible. Tax cases, projects, and other such materials should be submitted without any solutions so they are not available to students (adopters of them would need to contact the authors for the solutions). Please email your materials to Susan Anderson (

Please include the words "ATA Syllabus Exchange" in the subject line.

The text of the email should include the following information:

1.   Course level (undergraduate/graduate)
2.   Course name (if not on the syllabus)
3.   Topics covered (if not obvious from the course name)
4.   Faculty name and affiliation (if not on the syllabus)
5.  Whether you have additional course material that you are willing to share or discuss with faculty who may contact you (i.e. lecture notes, problem sets, cases, assignments, etc.)

Syllabi should be formatted as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files.

We appreciate your help and look forward to receiving your syllabi.

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