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Teaching Innovation Award Winners



Award Winner  
2013 G. Ryan Huston and Janet M. Huston, University of South Florida Life's Two Certainties: An Estate and Gift Tax Consulting Case
2012 Toby Stock A Case Study for Teaching and Learning Corporate and Partnership Tax and Financial Accounting Planning and Compliance Concepts
2011 Ross Bengel Using Film, News Segments and Other Non-fiction Video Resources to Enhance Tax Course
2010 John Phillips, University of Connecticut Income Taxes: Financial Reporting and Auditing; to access please go to:
username: UCONNFAS109; password: HUSKY
2009 Marguerite (Zite) Hutton, Western Washington University Tax Court in the Classroom
2008 Raquel Meyer Alexander and Andi Witczak, University of Kansas

Brigitte Muehlmann, Suffolk University
Service Learning in the Tax Curriculum

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global World of Taxation
2007 Mary Margaret Frank, University of Virginia How to put more strategy in your 'taxes and business strategy' course: A case-method approach
2006 Bryan C. Cloyd, Virginia Tech
Connie Weaver, Texas A&M
Engaging Students in the Politics of Tax Policy: The Tax Equity Survey Project
2005 Bill Duncan, Arizona State University
John Everett, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Sharon Lassar, Florida Atlantic University
Walfried Lassar, Florida International Univ.
Second Chance for Depreciation:  A Case Study Analyzing Tax Planning Opportunities after Asset Disposition
2004 Michael J. Calegari, Santa Clara University
M. Catherine Cleaveland, Mercer University
Christopher J. Fenn, Georgia State Univ.
Gregory G. Geisler, University of Missouri at St. Louis
Ernest R. Larkins, Georgia State University
Tad D. Ransopher, Georgia State University
Robert W. Richards,Georgia State University


Improving Written Communication Skills of Tax Students

2003 Bryan Cloyd, University of Illinois Active Learning through Tax Case Studies: Nine Cases for Principles of Taxation

Susan Anderson
Chris Bauman

Low Income Taxpayer Clinics
2001 Edmund Outslay, Michigan State University
James E. Wheeler, University of Michigan
Integrating Tax and Financial Accounting in the Tax Curriculum: The General Inertia Project and The Ford Motor Company Project
2000 Marguerite (Zite) Hutton, Western Washington University

Deborah Thomas, University of Arkansas
Structuring a Tax Course to Develop Student Interaction and Analytical Skills: A Peer Review of Student Tax Memoranda
Individual Tax Planning: A Practical Project for an Advanced Class
1999 Merle Erickson, University of Chicago
Edward Maydew, University of Chicago
Shiing-wu Wang , University of Southern California

Cases in corporate tax strategy: Seagram/Du Pont, WorldCom/MCI, and Quaker's Divestiture of Snapple


James E. Smith, College of William & Mary
Bryan Cloyd, University of Illinois
Brian Spilker, Brigham Young University
Taking Your Students to the Movies
Using Computer Simulations of Tax Research Tasks to Increase Students' Awareness of Information Search Bias


William D. Samson, University of Alabama Integrating Tax History into the Introductory Tax Course




James E. Parker, University of Missouri - Columbia Using an Electronic Tutorial in Advanced Tax Accounting


Terry Crain, University of Oklahoma

Will Yancey, Texas Christian University

A Project to Aid Students' Understanding of the Tax Law
Electronic Tax Research in the Introductory Undergraduate Tax Course
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