2014-2015 Trueblood Seminars Committee


Assist the Deloitte Foundation in conducting the Trueblood Seminars. Specifically:

  • In conjunction with the Deloitte Foundation, assess the prior year’s seminar, consider continuous improvement ideas, and arrange to have the seminars conducted and administered.


  • The Deloitte Foundation Representative selects the upcoming year’s committee co-chairs from among the current year’s committee members.
    • The committee Chair or Co-Chairs is/are appointed by the President-Elect for a two-year term, serving as a member of the committee in the first year and as Chair or Co-Chair in the second year.
  • The AAA President-Elect in consultation with the current year’s committee co-chairs and the Deloitte Foundation Representative appoint four new committee members annually.
    • Recent appointment practice has been that the AAA President-Elect selects one new member and the Deloitte Foundation Representative selects three new members from the list of recent (past two years) attendees.
  • Given their role in developing future program content, the committee is to be comprised of members who have recently attended the Trueblood Seminars.


  • The committee meets annually during the AAA Annual Meeting.
  • Trueblood Seminars Session 1 will be held February 18-21, 2015.
  • Trueblood Seminars Session 2 will be held March 11-14, 2015.


  • Fulfill the committee charter as above.
  • If the Chair has any questions about the charge or responsibilities of this committee, s/he should contact the Executive Director, the President, or the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison.
  • The Chair will have the opportunity three times every term-year to prepare and send a progress report which will be available for the Board of Directors to review at their next meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the AAA President, the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison, and staff liaison, Barbara Gutierrez (


Name / Affiliation Contact Term Length Term Expires
Erin Nickell
University of Denver
Yonca Ertimur
University of Colorado-Boulder
Denise Hanes Downey
Villanova University

1 08/2015
Sarah Stein
Virginia Tech 1 08/2015
Dan Wangerin
Michigan State University 1 08/2015
Donnie Young
Georgia Institute of Technology 1 08/2015
Kathy Shoztic
Deloitte LLP

1 08/2015
Board of Directors Liaison
Shaun Budnik
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