2017 - 2018 Global Engagement Committee

The AAA's Vision is to be Thought Leaders in Accounting. This Committee is to determine how the AAA should pursue global engagement to enhance the global thought leadership and perspectives of all of its members and better serve its non-US members.


The Global Engagement Committee is charged with identifying ways for the AAA to enhance our ability to be global thought leaders in accounting.

To do this, the Committee shall:

  1. Determine how the AAA can better serve and integrate its non-US members.
  2. Review the range of AAA activities to assess whether any of the activities should be redesigned to enhance global engagement and perspective.
  3. Engage Section leaders in this endeavor by sharing ideas and encouraging Sections to increase their global engagement. Work with Sections to determine their best practices regarding global engagement that can be shared throughout the AAA.
  4. Plan at least one At-Large Panel session for the 2018 Annual Meeting.


  • The Committee consists of eight members, including the Director-Focusing on International who shall Chair the Committee, the two current International Council Members-at-Large, all of whom shall serve three-year terms; the most recent Past President of the International Accounting Section of the AAA, Presidents of four Accounting Academic Organizations, all of whom would serve one-year terms.
  • The AAA President who takes office on Wednesday of the Annual Meeting serves as the Board of Directors Liaison.


  • The Committee meets annually during the Annual Meeting.
  • Other meetings of the Committee may be scheduled and can be online, as appropriate.
  • The 2017-2018 Committee will be invited to attend the 2017 Global Gathering.


  • The Committee should ensure that the relevant responsible AAA committee, Professional Staff member, or individual is consulted before making any recommendations for change.
  • Barbara Brady, ( Director, Operations, will provide staff support for the Global Engagement Committee.
  • If the Chair has any questions about the charge or responsibilities of this committee, s/he should contact the Executive Director, the President, or the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison.
  • The Chair will have the opportunity three times every term-year to prepare and send a progress report which will be available for the Board of Directors to review at their next meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the AAA President, the committee's Board of Directors Liaison, and Governance Manager, Barbara Gutierrez (


Name / Affiliation


Term Length

Term Expires

Wim A. Van der Stede
London School of Economics
Director–Focusing on International



Lakshmanan Shivakumar
London Business School
International Council Member-at-Large



Ana Marques
Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
International Council Member-at-Large



Mahendra Gujarathi
Bentley University
2016-17 International Accounting Section President



C. S. Agnes Cheng
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
President, Hong Kong Academic Accounting Association



Beatriz García Osma
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Board Member, Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration



Hisakatsu Sakurai
Kwansei Gakuin University
President, Japanese Accounting Association



Chris Van Staden
Auckland University of Technology
President, Accounting & Finance Association of New Zealand




Board of Directors Liaison
Anne Christensen
Montana State University-Bozeman
2017-18 President



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