Diversity Section Research

Survey Results

Faculty Diversity and Initiatives Section
Objectives/Program Draft

Please indicate your agreement as to the importance of the Section objectives by checking either Very Important (1), Mildly Important (2), or Not Important (3). Please feel free to revise wording or add to each objective. You may enter additional objectives on the back of this page.

The American Accounting Association (AAA) Faculty Diversity and Initiatives Section should identify issues related to diversity and diversity initiatives. In this respect, the Section's objectives could include:

  1. Encourage and promote interest in the diversity of the accounting profession.
    Average: 1.067308
  2. Publish research that associates accounting with diversity issues and policies.
    Average: 1.553398
  3. Facilitate research that focuses on the economic impact of diversity policies and multicultural and/or ethnic institutions.
    Average: 1.451923
  4. Improve quality of research focusing on diversity policies and issues, particularly research that impacts faculty, students, and public and private institutions.
    Average: 1.461538
  5. Stimulate research on institutional policies and issues that impact faculty, doctoral candidates and undergraduate students.
    Average: 1.378641
  6. Assessment of Section members needs including presentation forums, research and publication assistance and mentoring relationships.
    Average: 1.346154
  7. Recruitment of faculty members, particularly underrepresented ethnic and cultural populations.
    Average: 1.190476 Retention of faculty members, particularly underrepresented ethnic and cultural populations.
    Average: 1.182692
  8. Assessment of Section members needs including equitable treatment in career pursuits and career development.
    Average: 1.394231
  9. Creation of partnerships with public and private organizations interested in diversity initiatives.
    Average: 1.342857
  10. Develop programs, as necessary, including interdisciplinary exchanges, which will mutually benefit Section members and other members of the American Accounting Association.
    Average: 1.451923

Total Surveys Mailed 430;
Response Rate=24.42%

Selected COMMENTS on the SURVEY:

  • "Having been a minority in another country, I hope the committee looks beyond just the American perspective."

  • "Create/develop programs to share diversity initiatives with other multicultural societies internationally."
  • "For Q.11, Yes! Other Sections of the AAA can help in avoiding pitfalls & becoming effective within AAA quickly."

  • "Promote partnership with professional organizations, i.e., State CPA Societies Institute of Management Accountants, Association of Government Accountants, accounting firms (small, medium & large), and appropriate associations to support diversity, etc."

  • "For Q.7 Doctoral students, I suggest that the lack of diversity is at least as much a problem of supply as it is demand."

  • "For Q.9 Emphasis should be broader than focus on section members."

A White-Collar Profession: African American Certified Public Accountants since 1921, by Theresa A. Hammond, may now be ordered.

The reviews of the book and order information are located at http://uncpress.unc.edu/books/T-5463.html. Copies were released shortly before 6/10/2002.

Letter from the President

Evelyn A. McDowell


As we approach the end of the 2016 academic year and the upcoming American Accounting Association (AAA) Meeting in San Diego, CA (August 6-9, 2017), we are reminded that it is time to reflect on the upcoming events, this year’s Diversity Section’s accomplishments, and on the work that remains to be done.

We are pleased to report that during the upcoming 2017 AAA annual meeting the Diversity Section will sponsor three sessions. One of the sessions is a panel discussion (Monday, August 7) which will feature three distinguished leaders of the profession to talk about “Making Diversity Real.” Please be sure to attend this and all our concurrent sessions. The details are listed in this newsletter.

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Midyear Meeting

2017 Diversity Section
Midyear Meeting
November 3-5, 2017

Royal Sonesta New Orleans Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana

You are invited to the Thirteenth Midyear Diversity Section Meeting to be held at the Royal Sonesta New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana from November 3-5, 2017.  The Royal Sonesta New Orleans Hotel is 16 miles from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. 

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Call for Papers

Participation in the following areas is invited:

  • Papers (including early stage working papers as well as more developed papers)
  • Panel discussions
  • Emerging Research session
  • Doctoral Student Road Paper Pitches

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