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Call for Research Grant Proposals

Ernst & Young Diversity Grants Committee
Call for Proposals

Purpose: The purpose of the research grant will be to support diversity research, and provide an opportunity for a diversity dialogue between members of the American Accounting Association (AAA). It is anticipated that accepted proposals will have an underlying goal of promoting and enlightening academicians and practitioners about the relevance of the diversity agenda. This grant initiative is intended to benefit both research and teaching. In research the grants will be aimed at projects that research diversity in industry, commerce and the profession and help raise awareness of diversity issues as they have been addressed in practice. In teaching, the grants will focus on efforts to prepare students for the goals of today's inclusive and diverse working environment. The academic work should bring greater understanding of the business community's commitment to diversity and the commercial imperative that diversity be harnessed as part of a successful enterprise.

Amount of Funding: The maximum grant given will be $5,000.

Who May Apply: The competition is open to both accounting faculty and doctoral students. Individuals may submit, or be part of a submission team, for only one proposal. Multiple submissions by any researcher (individually or as a member of multiple research teams) will not be accepted.

Proposal Format: Proposals may be theoretical or practice-oriented. Proposals must include a completed application cover page.  The proposal should include detailed information for each of the following descriptive areas: a) need and relevancy of the diversity study, b) objectives, c) methodology and procedures, if empirical, d) expected outcome(s), e) budget, and f) means for distribution of completed research (conference presentations, journal article, etc.).

Criteria: Research proposals will be evaluated by a panel of reviewers against the following criteria,

  1. Qualifications of the Researcher: the researcher is a member or will become a member of the AAA Diversity Section, and the researcher has submitted only one proposal for funding in this year's grant program.
  2. Quality of the Proposed Research
  3. Financial Need: The budget for the research project is reasonable given the nature and scope of the proposed research. Only the expenses budgeted for the actual conducting of the research (and related expenses) will be considered and, the project should not be substantially supported by any other funding source. Budget statements must include a statement of other funds being used to support the project.
  4. Plan for dissemination: As a condition of the acceptance of the grant award, the researcher is required to complete one of the following by August 31st of the year subsequent to receiving the award:
    • Present the completed research at an AAA Regional, Section or Annual meeting session, or
    • Provide to the Ernst & Young Diversity Grants Committee Chair a copy of the manuscript of the research results that has been submitted to a refereed journal for publication consideration.
  5. Present the research proposal and progress report at one of the Diversity Section Meetings or Research Grant's Committee meeting,
  6. Acknowledgment of Support Agreement: The researcher will include an acknowledgment of Ernst & Young LLP Diversity Grant support of the project in all reports, presentations, or publications related to the supported project.

Deadline for Submission: The deadline for submission is May 1, 2008. Fax the application cover page to Jenice Prather-Kinsey at 573-882-2437 and email the proposal (free of identity of authors) to Grant recipient(s) will be announced at the American Accounting Association Meeting in Anaheim in August, 2008.

Proposals should be submitted to:

Dr. Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Grants Committee Chair
School of Accountancy, Trulaske College of Business
324 Cornell Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO  65211
(573)882-2437 fax
(573)882-3671 phone



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