Call for Nominations

Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Award

The Auditing Section seeks nominations for its annual Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Award. The author of the dissertation judged to make the most outstanding contribution to auditing knowledge among those dissertations nominated for consideration, in addition to the recipient's dissertation chair, will receive the award. The assessment of what constitutes an outstanding contribution will be based upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Timeliness and importance of the problem(s) addressed.
  • Creativity of the research.
  • Development of an appropriate theoretical framework.
  • Appropriateness of the research method and analysis.
  • Potential for publication in a scholarly journal.
  • Potential for the results to have an impact on the practice of auditing.

Selection of the award recipient will be made by the Section’s Outstanding Dissertation in Auditing Selection Committee. A dissertation may be nominated either by the author or one or more members of the dissertation committee. To be considered complete, nominations must include:

  • A letter from the dissertation chairperson stating that the dissertation has been completed and accepted by the degree-granting institution between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2015 (including the date of the formal completion of the dissertation). Dissertations can be nominated more than once.
  • A nomination letter stating why the dissertation is deserving of special recognition.
  • An electronic copy of a paper from the dissertation that meets the criteria for papers submitted to Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory (refer to the latest issue for requirements related to length and other matters, e.g., submission of experimental instruments).
  • An electronic copy of the entire dissertation.

To view previous awards here. Please submit nominations to Professor Karla Johnstone via email ( or by mail at the earliest possible date, but no later than July 15, 2016.)

Karla Johnstone, EY Professor of Accounting
Department of Accounting
Wisconsin School of Business
University of Wisconsin - Madison
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Award*

Mary T. Washington, Chair University of Southern California
Theodore J. Mock,

Vicky Heiman, University of Michigan
Robert Libby, Chair

Frank Buckless, Michigan State University
D. Dewey Ward, Chair

Martha K. Nelson, University of Pittsburgh
Jacob G. Birnberg, Chair

Charles E. Davis, University of North Carolina
Edward Blocher, Chair

Kathleen D. Mills, University of Arizona
William S. Waller, Chair

Timothy J. Louwers, Florida State University
Stephen W. Wheeler, Chair

Robert L. Braun, Louisiana State University
Ed Arrington, Chair

Cynthia Williams Turner, Ohio State University
Eric Spires, Chair

Kathryn Kadous, University of Illinois at Urbana
Ira Solomon, Chair

Karla Johnstone, University of Connecticut
Stanley E. Biggs, Chair

1999–2000 (MYM 2000)
Jay Rich, University of Illinois at Urbana
Ira Solomon, Chair

2000-2001 (MYM 2001)
Kevan Jansen, University of Florida
Bill Messier,Co-Chair
W.Robert Knechel,Co-Chair

2001-2002 (MYM 2002)
Jeffrey Wilks, Cornell University
Dr. Robert Libby, Chair

2002-2003 (MYM 2003)
KinYew Low
Ira Solomon, Chair University of Illinois at Urbana

2003–2004 (MYM 2004)
Kathryn K. Epps, Georgia State University
William F. Messier, Jr., Chair

2004–2005 (MYM 2005)
Shawn M. Davis, Washington University
Ronald R. King, Chair

2005–2006 (MYM 2006)
Tina D. Carpenter, Florida State University
Jane L. Reimers, Chair

2006–2007 (MYM 2007)
Gary Hecht, University of Illinois at Urbana
Mark Peecher, Chair

2007–2008 (MYM 2008)
Elizabeth Carson, University of New South Wales
Roger Simnett, Chair

2008-2009 (MYM 2009)
Jonathon Stanley, University of Alabama
Todd DeZoort, Chair

2009-2010 (MYM 2010)
Michael Yu, University of Missouri
Jere Francis, Chair

2010-2011 (MYM 2011)
Bradley Pomeroy, University of Alberta
Michael Gibbins, Chair

2011-2012 (MYM 2012)
Jeremy B. Griffin, University of Georgia
E. Michael Bamber, Chair

2012-2013 (MYM 2013)
Regan N. Schmidt, Queen's University
Steven E. Salterio, Chair

2013-14 (MYM 2014)
Paul Michas,
Jere Francis, Chair

2014-15 (MYM 2015)
Matthew Ege, University of Florida
Urton Anderson, John Robinson, Co-Chairs

* The Outstanding Dissertation Chair Award was first presented in 1995-96 in conjunction with the Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Award.

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