Call for Nominations

Outstanding Auditing Educator

The Auditing Sections seeks nominations from the Section’s membership for the Outstanding Auditing Educator award to be conferred at the Auditing Section Midyear Meeting in January 2017. This award is conferred annually and recognizes outstanding achievements in research or teaching in the field of auditing. The award recognizes exemplary contributions in research and/or teaching over a sustained period of time as evidenced by publications, educational innovations, guidance to graduate and undergraduate students, or excellence in teaching. Prior recipients of this award include Roger Simnett, Robert Knechel, Linda McDaniel, Michael Bamber, Philip Reckers, Jean Bedard, Jere Francis, Arnold Wright, Stanley Biggs, William F. Messier, Jr. and Michael Gibbins. Visit the Auditing Section’s website to view previous awards here.

Selection of the award will be made by the Section’s Outstanding Auditing Educator Selection Committee. Nominations should be accompanied by a narrative summarizing the nominee's background and their achievement in research and/or teaching in the field of auditing. No prescribed content or format is required, though the Selection Committee will benefit from receiving comprehensive summary information upon which to build their understanding of the nominee's achievements.

Please submit nominations to Professor Karla Johnstone via email ( or by mail at the earliest possible date, but no later than July 15, 2016.

Karla Johnstone, EY Professor of Accounting
Department of Accounting
Wisconsin School of Business
University of Wisconsin - Madison
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Outstanding Auditing Educator Award

Alvin A. Arens, Michigan State University

William L. Felix, University of Arizona

Howard F. Stettler, University of Kansas

Frederick L. Neumann, University of Illinois at Urbana

R. Glen Berryman, University of Minnesota

Jack L. Krogstad, Creighton University

James K. Loebbecke, University of Utah

William R. Kinney, Jr., University of Texas at Austin

Ira Solomon, University of Illinois at Urbana

Andrew D. Bailey, Jr., University of Illinois at Urbana

1999–2000 (MYM 2000)
Nicholas Dopuch, Washington University

2000-2001 (MYM 2001)
Ken T. Trotman, University of New South Wales

2001-2002 (MYM 2002)
Barry Cushing, University of Utah

2002-2003 (MYM 2003)
Theodore J. Mock, University of Southern California

2003-2004 (MYM 2004)
Dan Simunic, University of British Columbia

2004-2005 (MYM 2005)
Steve Albrecht, Brigham Young University

2005-2006 (MYM 2006)
Jane Mutchler, Georgia State University

2006-2007 (MYM 2007)
Larry Rittenberg, University of Wisconsin at Madison

2007-2008 (MYM 2008)
Michael Gibbins, University of Alberta

2008-2009 (MYM 2009)
Stanley F Biggs, University of Connecticut
William F. Messier, Jr., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2009-2010 (MYM 2010)
Arnold Wright, Northeastern University

2010-2011 (MYM 2011)
Jere Francis, University of Missouri

2011-2012 (MYM 2012)
Jean C. Bedard, Bentley University

2012-2013 (MYM 2013)
E. Michael Bamber, University of Georgia
Philip Reckers, Arizona State University

2013-14 (MYM 2014)
Linda McDaniel, University of Kentucky

2014-15 (MYM 2015)
Robert Knechel, University of Florida

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