Management Accounting Section Dissertation Award

Sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants

This award recognizes outstanding dissertation research in the field of management accounting. The award is generously sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). This year's winner will be honored with a cash award of $1,000, and the runner-up will receive $250. The dissertation chairperson will also be recognized at that time.

Eligibility and Application Procedures:
An entry may be nominated by either the student who authored the dissertation or one or more members of the dissertation committee. All entries must include a letter from the dissertation chairperson stating that the dissertation has been completed and accepted by the degree-granting institution between January 1 and December 31 of 2017; that is, the 2018 award recipient must have completed his/her dissertation during 2017. The entry may NOT be simultaneously submitted to other dissertation competitions sponsored by other Sections of the American Accounting Association. The entry may, however, be simultaneously nominated for the Competitive Manuscript Award.

Please note that dissertations that have been considered for, or that have won, the AAA/Grant Thornton Doctoral Dissertation Award (which is intended to recognize innovative research of third or fourth year PhD students that have passed their proposal defense at the time of the award) are not excluded from having their completed dissertation considered for the Management Accounting Section Dissertation Award.

An electronic copy of the dissertation or a solo-authored working paper from the dissertation should be emailed to the Chair of the Dissertation Award committee. While the committee would prefer working paper submissions, no advantage will be given to submissions in that form.

Membership of the Dissertation Award Committee:
The Dissertation Award in Management Accounting is made by the Dissertation Award Committee of the Management Accounting Section. Typically, the Committee consists of at least three members, including the Chair, serving one-year terms.

Selection of Committee Members:
The President-Elect of the Section appoints the Chair of the Dissertation Award Committee to serve for the following academic year. The appointment begins at the Annual Meeting of the AAA. The Chair of the Committee appoints the other committee members.

Award Committee and Mailing Address:
Please ensure that all materials are received by the Chair of the Dissertation Award selection committee – Raj Mashruwala, by February 15, 2018.

Selection Process:
The Committee will review the submissions and determine the Award winner. The award winners will be notified in July 2018.

Presentation of Award:
The Award will be presented at the AAA Annual Meeting during the Management Accounting Section business luncheon.

Prior Award Winners

2017 Winner
Shelley Xin Li
Ph.D. from Harvard University
“Boss, Cut Me Some Slack: Control and Innovation in a Multitasking Environment”

Professor Dennis Campbell
For Supervising Shelley Xin Li's Dissertation

2017 Runner Up
Jason Xiao
“Diffusion of Corporate Governance from Influential Adopters”

Professor Wayne Guay
For Supervising Jason Xiao's Dissertation

2016 Winner
David Tsui
Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania
Risk-Return Tradeoffs and Managerial Incentives

Professor Wayne Guay
For Supervising David Tsui's Dissertation

2016 Co-Runner-up
Jeremiah Bentley
Ph.D. from Cornell University
Decreasing Operational Distortion and Surrogation through Narrative Reporting

Professor Robert Bloomfield
For Supervising Jeremiah Bentley’s Dissertation

2016 Co-Runner-up
Eric Chan
Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh
Promotion, Relative Performance Information, and the Peter Principle

Professor Donald Moser
For Supervising Eric Chan’s Dissertation

2015 Winner
Huaxiang Yin
Tilburg University
Can Employees Exercise Control Over Managers? The Role of the Employees’ Knowledge of Manager Behavior and Manager Discretion

Professor Eddy Cardinals
For Supervising Huaxiang Yin’s Dissertation

2014 Winner
Paige Patrick
Ph.D. from University of Colorado at Boulder
Renegotiations of Target CEOs’ Personal Benefits during Mergers and Acquisitions

Professor Yonca Ertimur and Professor Bjorn Jorgensen
For Supervising Paige Patrick’s Dissertation

2014 Runner-up
Marshall Vance
Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania
Broad-Based Equity Compensation, Employee Turnover, and Unit Performance

Professor Christopher D. Ittner
For Supervising Marshall Vance’s Dissertation

2013 Winner
Henry Friedman
Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania
Endogenous-quality reporting systems and managerial power in a CEO-CFO setting
Professor Richard Lambert
For Supervising Henry Friedman's Dissertation

2013 Runner-up
Martin Holzhacker
Ph.D. from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
Yardstick Competition and Managerial Accounting Practice: Evidence from Social Security Service Providers

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