2011 Best Academic Paper -
"Relations Between CEO Equity Incentives, Information Technology Investments, and Firm Value," Rodney E., Smith

2011 Best Education Paper -
"Auditing a PCard Program," Kevin Dow and Marcia Watson


2010 Best Academic Paper -
"XBRL Implementation: A Field Investigation," Diane Janvrin and Won Gyun No

2010 Best Education Paper -
"North Carolina State University: Implementing PeopleSoft Student Information System," Marianne Bradford


2009 Best Academic Paper -
"Designing Fraud Risk Assessment Decision Aids to Promote the Acquisition of Expertise," Britton McKay and Carolyn Strand Norman

2009 Best Education Paper -
"Preparing Graphical Representations of Business Processes and Making Inferences from Them," Faye Borthick and Gary Schneider


2008 Best Academic Paper -
"IT Control Weaknesses, IT Governance and Firm Performance," Efrim Boritz and Jee-Hae Lim

2008 Best Education Paper -
"KaDo: An Advanced Enterprise Modeling, Database Design, Database Implementation, and Information Retrieval Case for the Accounting Information Systems Class," Guido Geerts and Kinsun Tam


2007 Best Academic Paper -
"Intended and Unintended Consequences of Continuous Auditing and Incentive Compensation: Trapped Between Risk and Reward," James E. Hunton

2007 Best Education Paper -
"Auditing System Development: Constructing the Meaning of "Systematic and Rational" in the Context of Legacy Code Migration for Vendor Incentives," Faye Borthick and Paul L. Bowen


2006 Best Academic Paper -
"Policy-Level Specifications in REA Enterprise Information Systems," Guido L. Geerts and William E. McCarthy

2006 Best Education Paper -
"The United States Department of the Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing Tests an E-Procurement System," Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr. and Janis L. Gogan


2005 Best Academic Paper -
"A Control Theory Model of Telework," James E. Hunton

2005 Best Education Paper -
"A service-learning course in accounting information systems," Jacob Rose, Anna Rose, and Carolyn Strand Norman's


2004 Best Academic Paper -
"The Effect of Incentives on Knowledge Sharing in Computer-Mediated Communication:  An Experimental Investigation," Eileen Taylor, Univ. of South Florida doctoral student.

2004 Best Education Papers -
"Caroline's Candy Shop:  An In-Class Illustration of the Revenue Cycle," David Hayes, LSU, and J. Kenneth Reynolds, LSU AND
"Analyzing a Potential Warranty Call Center Budget Overrun: Using Database Queries to Solve Business Problems," A. Faye Borthick, Georgia State University , and Donald Jones, Texas Tech University


Outstanding Research Paper -
"Negotiation Support Systems in Budget Negotiations: An Experimental Analysis," Uday Murthy and Christopher J. Wolfe

Outstanding Education Paper -
"Linking Business Processes and Transaction Cycles," Bonnie K. Klamm and Marcia L. Weidenmier


Outstanding Published Research Paper Award -
"Impression Management with Graphs: Effects on Choices," Vairam Arunachalam, Paul Steinbart, and Buck K. W. Pei

Outstanding Education Paper Award -
"Evaluation of Systems Security Controls: Instructional Resource," Cheryl Dunn and Greg Gerard



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