Past Presidents

1983-1984 Bill Ferrara Pennsylvania State University
1984-1985 Jim Fremgen Naval Postgraduate School
1985-1986 Tom Klammer University of North Texas
1986-1987 Germain Boer Vanderbilt University
1987-1988 Ron Hartley Bowling Green State University
1988-1989 Shane Moriarity University of Oklahoma
1989-1990 Don Clancy Texas Tech University
1990-1991 Bob Capettini San Diego State University
1991-1992 Don Madden University of Kentucky
1992-1993 Gayle Rayburn Southeast Missouri State University
1993-1994 Mike Robinson Baylor University
1994-1995 Amy H. Lau Oklahoma State University
1995-1996 Sue Haka Michigan State University
1996-1997 Hadley Schaefer University of Florida
1997-1998 John (Harry) Evans III University of Pittsburgh
1998-1999 Michael W. Maher University of California, Davis
1999-2000 Kenneth A. Merchant University of Southern California
2000-2001 Chee W. Chow San Diego State University
2001-2002 Michael Shields Michigan State University
2002-2003 Ella Mae Matsumura University of Wisconsin
2003-2004 William N. Lanen University of Michigan
2004-2005 Jacob Birnberg University of Pittsburgh
2005-2006 Ramji Balakrishnan University of Iowa
2006-2007 Ken Euske Naval Postgraduate School
2007-2008 Dipankar Ghosh University of Oklahoma
2008-2009 Leslie Eldenburg University of Arizona
2009-2010 David Otley University of Lancaster
2010-2011 Wim Van der Stede London School of Economics
2011-2012 Joseph G. Fisher Indiana University
2012-2013 Theresa Libby University of Waterloo
2013-2014 Murray Lindsay University of Lethbridge
2014-2015 Naomi Soderstrom University of Melbourne
2015-2016 Monte Swain Brigham Young University
2016-2017 Kristy Towry Emory University


Journal of Management Accounting Research

Senior Editor
Karen L. Sedatole
Emory University

The Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association publishes the Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR). Its objective is to contribute to improving the theory and practice of management accounting by promoting high-quality applied and theoretical research. The primary audience for this publication is the membership of the Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association and other individuals interested in management accounting.

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