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Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association

Journal of Management Accounting Research Conference
Management Accounting Midyear Meeting
Houston, Texas
January 6–7, 2012
Call for Papers

The Journal of Management Accounting Research is pleased to announce the third annual JMAR Conference, to be held during the Management Accounting Section Midyear Meeting in Houston, Texas, January 6–7, 2012.

Papers accepted for the JMAR Conference are to be presented by the authors at a special session of the Midyear Meeting devoted exclusively to Conference papers. A discussant also will present comments at the session. In addition, papers accepted for the Conference will be published in JMAR, provided that the authors adequately address the comments of the Editor and reviewers. The discussant will be invited to write a short paper describing the comments delivered at the Conference, which would then be published as well.

All management accounting topics are welcome, including those that utilize empirical (archival, experimental, descriptive, simulation, survey or field-based) or theoretical approaches to such topics as budgeting, costing, organizational decision-making and control, and performance evaluation. This list of topics is indicative and is not exclusive.

The submission deadline for the JMAR Conference is July 15, 2011. At the author's option, papers submitted for the JMAR Conference also may be considered for inclusion in a regular session at the Midyear Meeting, which is particularly relevant for papers that might not be accepted into the JMAR Conference.

IMPORTANT: Authors who also would like to have their paper considered for the regular Midyear Meeting if their paper is not accepted for the Conference must in addition submit it via the normal Midyear Meeting submission procedures.

Papers for the JMAR Conference should be submitted at http://jmar.peerx-press.org/cgi-bin/main.plex indicating that the paper is for the Conference. The following Word or PDF files should be attached: (1) cover page with author names and contact information and (2) coverless manuscript (with identifiers removed from the document properties). In addition, a submission fee of US$50 should be paid online at http://aaahq.org/mas/JMAR/submissions.cfm.

Authors will be informed of editorial decisions for the Conference by October 15, 2011.