Rob Chenhall
Receives 2012 Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award

Rob Chenhall, Professor of Accounting and Finance, Monash University, Australia, has a sustained history of contributing to the management accounting literature since the 1970s when he was a doctoral student. He has devoted much of his scholarly efforts to developing and improving the use of the contingency theory of organizations to explain causes and performance effects of management accounting at the organizational and subunit levels. He has made important contributions to our understanding of how organizational context (e.g., environmental uncertainty) and organizational design (e.g., decentralization, formalization, strategy) influence the design and use of management accounting and the performance consequences of lack of "fit" between organizational characteristics and management accounting.

Professor Chenhall has continued to publish throughout his career, thereby making a series of sustained contributions of the highest quality, relevance, and importance. Recently he has published several articles related to improving the empirical and theoretical validities of organizational research on management accounting. This is truly an important contribution to management accounting because it helps provide better explanations for and predictions of the causes and effects of management accounting at the organizational and subunit levels. In addition, through his teaching and mentoring efforts with doctoral students and co-authors, he has had a positive effect on the careers of many colleagues. Professor Rob Chenhall surely deserves recognition as the Management Accounting Section's Lifetime Contribution Award winner.