• National Pilot Region Speaker

    Behind The Great and Powerful Wizard: How Big Data Is Re-Shaping Hollywood and Our Culture

    The media moguls that brought us to the wild, wild West, and took us on odysseys to the furthest reaches of space, now enter the newest frontier of exploration and adventure - Big Data. How are our cultural industries navigating (and cultivating) this ever-shifting terrain of data feedback? And what danger does this virtual realm hold for the curious consumer?

    Join Ruth McCartney, Internet, Digital and New Media Entrepreneur, for a discussion of how our cultural engagement is being monitored... and manipulated.

  • Speakers

    Bruce Behn, AAA President - Elect
    AAA Building a Bridge to Our Future

    R. Harold Schroeder, Financial Accounting Standards Board
    Update on FASB Activities

    Scott Wiley, President and CEO of The Ohio Society of CPAs

  • CTLA Sessions

    Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement in the Accounting Classroom

    Perspectives of Auditing Practitioners on Teaching and Research

    Help Shape the Future: Share what you wish you had known when you first started teaching

    Crash Course on Flipping the Classroom: Everything You Need to Know

    Professor, What’s on the Exam?? Creating Independent Thinkers through Self-Directed Learning

  • Sharpening Your Teaching Skills

    The meeting will feature a track of sessions that will be designed with evolving classroom teaching in mind and we strongly encourage Non-Tenure Track and Two Year College to attend. Sessions can include content on pedagogical issues, teaching strategies, and interfacing with Four Year institutions, among others.

    New information will be posted soon.

2015 Ohio Regional Meeting

Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

Towards a Framework to Incorporating Big Data and Data Analytics in Accounting Curriculum

Brian Greenberg, KPMG
Shane Kenney, PwC
Hassan R. HassabElnaby, University of Toledo

The AACSB white paper on Accounting Accreditation Standard A7 states that: “Data analytics or business analytics along with appropriate IT skills and knowledge development should be a key component of accounting curricula.”  This panel is designed to answer the following questions:

  • What is big data?
  • What is big data analytics?
  • What is the impact of big data and big data analytics on the accounting profession?
  • What is the implication of big data and big data analytics on accounting education?
  • How to integrate big data and data analytics across accounting curriculum?

IMA Presents: Overview of IMA Educator Programs and COSO Update
Lisa Beaudoin, Institute of Management Accountants, Sandra Richtermeyer, Xavier University

Join us for an update on IMA Educator Programs and IMA’s COSO Update.  Lisa Beaudoin, IMA Director of Educational Partnerships, will provide an overview of IMA's many resources and programs for educators and students.  Dr. Sandra Richtermeyer, Associate Dean, Williams College of Business, Xavier University, former IMA Global Chair, and IMA’s current COSO board member will follow with an update on IMA COSO initiatives.

How to Teach Professional Ethics
Wally Wood, University of Cincinnati, Andy Garcia, Bowling Green State University

This session will answer questions such as: What Are Ethics? What does Ethics Education Do? Why should Accounting faculty teach Accounting Students HOW to behave? The session will provide suggestions for individual and group ethics assessments, cases and assignments, in addition to utilizing community service as and ethical development tool.
The Creativity Appetizer: Geniuses, Aha Moments, and Practicing Out of the Box Thinking
Marsha Huber, Youngstown State University

This session will begin with a review of the theory of creativity and proceed with practicing divergent thinking skills ("aha" moment). Using the techniques taught in design thinking, participants will learn how to reframe questions, ideate, and have an opportunity to pitch an innovative idea (practice "out of the box" thinking). The presenter will use the framework used by design thinkers and firms like IDEO and Frog Design.

Tools and Techniques for Optimizing Student Success in the Beginning Principles of Accounting Class Through the Use of Electronic Course Tools

Frank M. Klaus, College Lecturer, Cleveland State University
Lisa Khosh Granger, Learning Technology Representative, McGraw-Hill Education
Caryn L. Lanzo, Director, Center for eLearning, Cleveland State University
Lynda Sax, Senior Sales Representative, Pearson Higher Education
Marnie A. Grabowski, Learning Consultant, Cengage Learning

Beginning accounting students are more receptive to lectures, retain a greater percentage of new lecture materials introduced and are better prepared for class discussions if they have read the chapter prior to the class lecture.  The presenters advocate the use of electronic computerized learning systems incorporated within the text book to motivate students to be better prepared resulting in higher academic performance.

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