• 2016 Southeast Region Meeting

    The Southeast Region Meeting is a great opportunity to learn and share teaching, research, and service ideas. Be a part of your accounting education community by submitting your work for presentation at the meeting.

  • Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

    • Collaborative Teaching Tips: Tough Questions:
    • Engaging Non-traditional Students: Strategies for Success
    • ADA GAAP - Are You Compliant? Tools to Ease Your Course Into ADA Compliance
    • Issues Related to the Intermediate Accounting Course Sequence.
    • Audit Project
    • Tips for Creating and Posting Material for Online and Hybrid Classes
    • Teaching Accounting: A Sources and Uses of Financing Approach
    • Automating the Student Excel Assignment: Prepare, Grade, Feedback and Retake Process
    • Interactive Spreadsheet Assignments to Promote Student Learning

  • CTLA Sessions

    Growing a Prosperous Society through Accounting: The AAA Centers

    Q&A with the AAA Center Directors: Growing a Prosperous Society through Accounting

    Sharing Best Teaching Practices Panel

    How IT Fits? Information Technology in the Accounting Curriculum: Part II

    Learning to Learn: The Accounting Vision Model and Accounting Judgments

    Accounting Education’s Emerging Issues

  • National Pilot Region Speaker

    Mark W. Nelson, Cornell University
    Perspectives on High-Quality Teaching

    Gain insights from a 2015 Cook Prize winner about their teaching philosophy and what motivates them to be superior teachers.

2016 Southeast Region Meeting

Concurrent Sessions

During each concurrent session time slot, there will be a number of different presentations to choose from...

  • Paper Sessions
    Paper sessions provide an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss completed papers or cases. Sessions will include three or four research papers with discussant(s). Each presenter/discussant will have approximately 20-25 minutes.
  • Dialogue Sessions
    Dialogue sessions provide an opportunity for researchers to present papers that are in a developmental stage. Authors have the opportunity to discuss specific issues or areas for further development with fellow presenters and an audience.
  • Effective Learning Strategies (ELS) Poster Session
    The ELS Poster Session showcases ideas, teaching strategies and education innovations that support learning in accounting. It offers an interactive format for presenters to engage colleagues and exchange ideas and resources.

    Note: As the meeting draws closer, the final program will be posted online and you will be able to review which papers will be presented in each time slot so you can decide what to attend.

  • CTLA Sessions where a full track of sessions will be sponsored by the nationally-recognized Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA). This will be a great opportunity to hone your teaching skills and learn from others.
  • Two Year College Faculty Sessions will focus heavily on the needs to Two-Year College faculty members. This will be a great opportunity for you and faculty from your institution to learn and share ideas and experiences with faculty from around the country.
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