2018 Accounting Behavior and Organizations Research Conference

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Submission and Volunteer Information
The ABO Section is now accepting submissions of research papers in mid-April. Papers may encompass any topical area involving human or organizational behavior. It is our expectation that anyone who submits a paper will also volunteer to review a paper. We will also be in need of volunteers to act as discussants and moderators. ABO section members can volunteer for any of these roles through the electronic submission system. 

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 14, 2018. There will be a $25 submission fee (including students). To pay the fee, please Click Here. Once you have paid the submission fee, you may submit your paper through the electronic submissions system. During the submission process, you will be asked to provide a Submission Fee Acknowledgement Code, which you will receive via email upon completing the fee payment form.

Please Click Here to access the submission system using your AAA member ID and password. If you have forgotten your AAA member ID/password, Click Here to retrieve them. If you do not have a AAA member ID/password, please Click Here to obtain AAA login credentials. Then create an account in the new system, using your AAA login credentials.

Emerging Scholars (i.e., faculty who have graduated within the past three years and doctoral students) are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. Emerging Scholar papers selected for the conference will be assigned to sessions with senior discussants who will provide detailed constructive feedback. Please be sure to indicate in the submission system if you wish your paper to be designated as an Emerging Scholar paper.

Finally, the ABO awards two outstanding paper awards for the conference: Outstanding Manuscript and Outstanding Emerging Scholar Manuscript.

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, Arizona, in October!

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