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2018 American Taxation Association Midyear Meeting

Ernst & Young Travel Grants for ATA Doctoral Consortium

As they have done since 2003, The Ernst & Young Foundation has generously supported PhD student attendance at the Doctoral Consortium by providing us with a $5,000 grant to allocate to applicants.

The application deadline is Friday, January 5, 2018. Grants will be announced by Friday January 19, 2018.

General Information:
1) The chair of the PhD Program Committee will make the initial grant allocations, which will be modified/approved by the Committee.
2) An individual may receive a maximum of two E&Y travel grants, total.
3) All PhD students are encouraged to apply, however students in the second and third years of their program are more likely to receive grants (i.e., students in their sixth year are unlikely to be recipients).
4) Reimbursement occurs through the AAA; if you receive a grant you will send copies of your receipts to the AAA in order to receive it.

1) You will need to know your hotel and airfare costs to apply.
2) Only submit one application, your confirmation appears on the screen after you submit the form.
3) Please complete the web form below to apply.
4) If you make a mistake on the online form then please email the webmaster.

Ernst & Young PhD Student Grant Application Form

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