2018 Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting

Workshop 1: AICPA Audit Data Standards

Presenter: Clinton White, Jr., University of Delaware
Date: May 10, 2018
Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Meeting registration is required
Field of Study: Auditing
Credit Hours: 1.8

The AICPA's Emerging Assurance Technologies Task Force, a subcommittee of the Assurance Services Executive Committee, continues to develop the Audit Data Standards (ADSs). The ADSs are designed to “standardize the format of data fields and files commonly requested for audit and related purposes” (AICPA, 2015). The ADSs are all about understanding data in accounting information systems and requesting and receiving data for audit purposes in a usable format. They bring together several important topics that AIS and auditing educators have addressed since the beginning of the disciplines; including the following: 

•What specific data do you need to accomplish specific audit objectives?
•How do you communicate your needs to your client?
•How do you assure that you will receive the data in a usable format?

How do you document your request and validate that you received what you requested? What additional questions about the data should you be asking?
The objective of this workshop is to introduce AIS educators to the Audit Data Standards, using them to request data, and receiving, validating, and importing the data for analysis. Currently the ADSs consist of the Base standard, upon which all other standards are built, and the General Ledger, Inventory, Fixed Asset, Order-to-Cash, and Procure-to-Pay standards. Using the ADSs, an auditor can request to receive his/her needed data in pipe-delimited text format or in XBRL GL instance document format. AIS educators will also be introduced to the importance of XBRL GL instance documents containing ADS data, their validation, and importing such data into Excel for analysis.

Workshop 2: Hot Topics in Financial Planning
Presenter: Peter Jeffrey Christakos, Monmouth University
Date: May 10, 2018
Time: 10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Meeting registration is required
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Credit Hours: 1.5

Attend this session and hear about changes in financial planning strategies under the new administration. We will survey the current financial planning horizon for ideas onhow CPAs can best help clients meet their short and long-term goals.

Workshop 3: Accounting IS Big Data: A How-To Workshop 
Bring your laptop and go home with ready to use skills and materials.
Date May 10, 2018
Time: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Meeting registration is required
Cost: $100 
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Credit Hours: 4.5

Get Hands on Experience with Tableau - Learn and Do
Have you wanted to learn more about Tableau but haven’t had the time?  Here is your opportunity.  Professionals from Tableau will provide a hands-on overview of the product and dashboards, information on how to use Tableau with Excel, highlight the key differences between the two products, give an orientation to free resources available to faculty and students, and share how data visualization can be used for teaching and research.   Participants need to bring their own computer and personal hotspot and pre-load Tableau on their machines.  Wi-fi will be available for purchase by participants that do not have a personal hotspot.
Presenters: Chris Helmus, Tableau, William Watkins, Tableau

Teaching Accounting Students Big Data Skills
Have you wondered how to teach the big data skill sets in a course or throughout the accounting curriculum?   Given the different needs of faculty and the courses they teach, a number of approaches will be discussed:  making students aware of the potential of Big Data (1 or 2 lectures/activities); introduction to Big Data tools and their application to accounting (hands-on learning); integration of Big Data exercises into a variety of accounting classes; or a stand-alone “Big Data” course.  This workshop is for all accounting educators interested in integrating the skill sets for discovery, extraction, organization, enrichment and analysis of Big Data.  
Presenter: Guido L. Geerts, University of Delaware

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