2018 Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting

2018 Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting Doctoral Consortium

One of the most important things academics need to do to get published is to present their work, which allows them to get feedback from peers and senior colleagues. This year at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting doctoral students just starting their research careers can do just that. The doctoral consortium will begin with a luncheon where distinguished faculty members will provide career advice including, but not limited to, advice on deciding on which job to take, and how to manage that first job.  The role of teaching vs research focus, research expectations, building up a research expertise, and choosing coauthors will all be addressed.  

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch with Panel Discussion
 Career Advice for the Aspiring Scholar
         Moderator: Steven Balsam, Temple University
         Panelists: William R. Baber, Georgetown University, Angela Gore, George Washington
 University, Nancy Uddin, Monmouth University

1:45 pm – 5:00 pm   Doctoral Student Presentations
         Moderator: Steven Balsam, Temple University

 Informativeness of Management Earnings Guidance with High Macroeconomic Information
 Presenter: Menghai Gao, The George Washington University

 Private Information Diffusion and Career Concerns
 Presenter: Eunpyo Hong, The George Washington University

 Shrinkage Properties of Analyst Forecasts
 Presenter: Chungho Kim, University of Pennsylvania

 The Impact of Earnings Management Activities on CEO Equity Incentives
 Presenter: Jangwook Lee, Temple University

 The Effect of Director Quality on the Likelihood and Impact of Financial Restatements
 Presenter: Laurel Mazur, University of Maryland

 Refinancing Risk and Voluntary Disclosure
 Presenter: Tanya Paul, University of Pennsylvania

 Deontic Justice, Empathy and Outcome Administration in Asset Misappropriation Cases: An
 Experimental Study in Moral Reasoning
 Presenter: Marie Rice, West Virginia University

 Adverse Accounting Information and Corporate Bond Yield Spreads: Liquidity and Default
 Presenter: Atul Singh, The George Washington University

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