AAA Electronic Journals

The AAA electronic publications platform offers easy access to AAA association-wide and Section journals with a variety of additional features:

  • Dynamic hyperlink citation cross-referencing
  • Robust search capability, including title, author, key word, and other parameters
  • MyAlerts and RSS automated journal update notifications
  • Access to most current journals and articles

Member Access
All members receive electronic access to the three Association-wide journals (The Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, and Issues in Accounting Education) as a member benefit.  Section membership includes online access to the Section journals. Initially, AAA members will access electronic journals using their authorized AAA member ID and password. Users may opt to change their password, although the changed password will be valid only for accessing electronic publications. The change will not affect the member's AAA password.

AAA General Membership Dues also include a subscription to the newsletter, Accounting Education News.

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Access to tables of contents and article abstracts or summaries, where available, is free, regardless of membership.

Institutional Access
The AAA journals are available electronically to institutions as part of 
EBSCO Host Business Collections.

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