2017 Award Winners

TLC Outstanding Accounting Education Research Award 2017

Anne Christensen, Jane Cote, and Claire Kamm Latham

"Developing Ethical Confidence: The Impact of Action-Oriented Ethics Instruction in an Accounting Curriculum"

TLC Outstanding Instructional Contribution in Accounting 2017

Katherine Campbell and Duane Helleloid

"Starbucks: Social responsibility and tax avoidance"

Honorable Mention for the Outstanding Instructional Contribution in Accounting 2017

John Geekie, Mark A. Holtzblatt, and Norbert Tschakert

"Should US and Global Regulators Take a Bigger Tax Bite Out of Technology Companies? A Case on Apple’s International Tax Minimization and Reporting Strategies"

TLC Hall of Honor Award 2017

Alan Reinstein

TLC Leadership, Initiative and Service Award 2017

Cindy Bolt-Lee - Secretary

TLC Leadership and Service Award 2017

Tracie Miller-Nobles - Treasurer

TLC Leadership and Service Award 2017

Kathleen E. Shoztic, VP - Practice (2015-2017)

Letter from the President

Dear TLC Section Members

First, I would like to thank Natalie Churyk for her service as TLC President these past two years. Natalie loves this organization and she has increased member involvement and encouraged participation by TLC members in the Annual Meeting during her tenure. Thank you, Natalie! I would also like to thank the TLC Committees on research and teaching who represented us well in the annual meeting program. These Committees will continue brainstorming new ideas or following through with previous ideas for next year’s program.

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