October 2017

Dear Members:

We had a successful 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. I am excited that we have over 130 TLC Members engaged in various board and committee positions for the 2017-2018 year. The annual meeting program contained several TLC committee initiatives. Committee Chairs are contacting their respective committe members and brainstorming new ideas or following through with previous ideas for next year’s program.

The annual meeting kicked off with the TLC breakfast on Monday morning with the award winners being the highlight of the breakfast. We are proud to recognize that two of the three J. Michael Cook Prize winners are TLC members – Cathy J. Scott and Susan M. Curtis. The winners of the Outstanding Instructional Contribution in Accounting Award sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation are Katherine Campbell and Duane Helleloid. The winners of the Outstanding Research in Accounting Education Award sponsored by the EY Foundation are Anne Christensen, Jane Cote, and Claire Kamm Latham. Alan Reinstein was the recipient of the TLC Hall of Honor Award sponsored by the KPMG Foundation. Congratulations to all of the winners and a warm thank you to our award sponsors!

The second TLC Colloquium will occur in Tampa Florida from November 16 – November 18, 2017. Cassy Budd, Gail Hoover King, Tracy Manly, Tracie Miller Nobles. Cathy Scott, Norbert Tschakert and I have arranged amazing sessions for both research and teaching tracks (see Newsletter pages 10-13 the schedule). Thank you KPMG Foundation for sponsorship of this event.

I am fortunate to work with so many outstanding volunteers. And, grateful for our executive team including Gail Hoover King (Purdue University Northwest), Past President;  Stephanie Hernandez (KPMG), VP Practice; Cassy Budd (Brigham Young University), VP Academic; Cindy Bolt-Lee (The Citadel), Treasurer; Claire Kamm Latham (Washington State University Vancouver), Secretary; and Bambi Hora (University of Central Oklahoma), Council Representative. Thanks to all of our
members for your support of the TLC Section.

Good luck as you complete the Fall semester. 

Natalie T. Churyk, PhD, CPA
William F. Doyle Endowed Professor of Accountancy
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Accounting Education
AAA TLC Section President, 2016-2018
Northern Illinois University
College of Business

Letter from the President

Dear TLC Section Members

I trust that everyone has kicked off another great year by now and you are all in the thick of teaching. We do have a few updates for everyone so I will get right to it.

The third Teaching Learning and Curriculum Midyear Colloquium sponsored by KPMG took place on November 9 and 10, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. We opened the meeting with an address from David Pace of Indiana University, who helped us see how expertise is necessary for teaching to occur, but that same expertise can prevent learning when what is “natural” to us is “invisible” to students...

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