July 2018

Dear TLC Section Members,

The annual meeting in National Harbor, MD (Washington, DC) is quickly approaching! I hope your summer has been productive and you are excited to attend the annual meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all TLC officers, committee chairs, committee members and sponsors for their hard work and support over this past year. Our Annual Meeting Program Chairs, Bambi Hora and Shaokun (Carol) Yu have organized a fantastic program with 27 concurrent sessions over the three-day period. This link describes the sessions in detail In the summer edition of the newsletter, Pages 6 through 17 lists the TLC sessions.

I am excited to announce that the faculty development committees are conducting sessions at the meeting. The committees will tell you more at the August 6, 2018 Monday morning breakfast. Additional breakfast activities include our annual award presentations and a discussion by the incoming president (Cassy Budd) and Midyear Colloquium Meeting Chair (Cathy Scott) about the TLC Midyear Colloquium taking place in Dallas, Texas November 8-10, 2018. A special thank you goes out to Tracy Manly and her Awards Committee for choosing amazing award winners (see the newsletter’s page 23). 
The TLC 27th Annual Meeting Booklet will appear online, saving hundreds of dollars in printing costs. Please check the TLC webpage later in July to access the booklet. I will show parts of the booklet during the August 6 breakfast and business meeting but please be sure to read last year’s minutes before the breakfast so we can approve them at the breakfast.
As my two-year term as President ends, I would like to take the time to thank friends, volunteers, members, and firms that have continued to support the TLC Section. It has been an honor to work with so many dedicated people.

  • A heartfelt thank you to our award sponsors and representatives that regularly attend the breakfast: Deloitte, Kathleen Shoztic; EY, Ellen Glazerman and Sylvia Ulrich; and KPMG, Bette Kozlowski. I would also like to thank KPMG for its commitment to and sponsorship of the TLC Midyear Colloquium Meeting.
  • My sincere appreciation and gratitude goes out to Carol Yacht, our Newsletter Editor. She reminds me to communicate relevant news to the members quarterly. Rick Lillie, our Webmaster, revised our webpage and ensures information that is emailed to the membership gets organized and posted to the webpage.
  • Thank you to AAA staff and the current and past year’s executive team (Bambi Hora, Claire Kamm Latham, Cindy Bolt-Lee, Bette Kozlowski, Stephanie Hernandez, Cassy Budd, Gail Hoover King, and Tracie Miller Nobles).
  • Thank you to all of the committee chairs (Tracy Manly, Bambi Hora, Shaokun (Carol) Yu, Marsha Huber, D. Larry Crumbley, Cathleen Burns, Susan Curtis, Noel Addy, Patricia Johnson, Kim Church, Amy Santos, Greg Stoner, Melissa Larson, Dan Jones, Norbert Tschakert, Yvette Lazdowski, Rose Layton, Nicholas McGuigan, Bob Allen, Karen Osterheld).
  • Thank you to the Nominations Committee. I look forward to working with the incoming executive team: President, Cassy Budd; Vice President-Academic, Karen Osterheld; VP-Practice, Bette Kozlowski; Secretary, Claire Kamm Latham; Treasurer, Cindy Bolt-Lee; and Council Representative, Bambi Hora. 

Have a productive month and I will see everyone in National Harbor, MD in August!

Natalie T. Churyk, PhD, CPA
William F. Doyle Endowed Professor of Accountancy
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Accounting Education
AAA TLC Section President, 2016-2018
Northern Illinois University
College of Business