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Need to jump start your teaching efforts? Remember the joy of teaching – and learning?  Participants at this meeting will explore several approaches to accounting education through a "mindfulness" lens that has been applied to many other disciplines. The meeting will start with an experiential session designed to remind you what it’s like to be a student (and perhaps take you out of your comfort zone) when John Simon, a fine artist who has work in the Museum of Fine Art and the Whitney, will coach the participants through an activity and discussion about the power of drawing.  That will create a learning environment that will extend throughout the meeting with an eye toward reflection and integration of the leading theories, cognitive findings, and best practices to support master teachers – and those aspiring to become the very best.  


To meet these objectives, the colloquium has been designed as a very different type of meeting that will offer an intimate and engaging experience. At the conference participants will work together to:


  • Learn
    • How we learn
    • Ways of learning
    • The art and science of learning

  • Reflect
    • Learn through reflection
    • Understand diversity of thought
    • Understand how your teaching perspectives reflect your teaching beliefs, intentions and actions

  • Grow
    • Actualize your personal teaching style
    • Leverage your strengths to counterbalance your weaknesses
    • Develop your teaching brand
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TLC President's Letter

October 2017

Dear Members:

We had a successful 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. I am excited that we have over 130 TLC Members engaged in various board and committee positions for the 2017-2018 year. The annual meeting program contained several TLC committee initiatives. Committee Chairs are contacting their respective committehernane members and brainstorming new ideas or following through with previous ideas for next year’s program.

TLC News

The Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Section of the American Accounting Association is pleased to announce its 2nd Midyear Colloquium to be held in Tampa, Florida at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, November 16 -18, 2017. Sponsored by KPGM.

This Midyear Colloquium will have two special sessions featuring 5-7 education manuscripts. The presentation of the manuscripts will illustrate how the authors developed their paper and why the reviewers evaluated the manuscript as worthy of potential publication. Subject to editorial review and approval, accepted manuscripts will be published in the Journal of Accounting Education.

We invite authors to submit complete journal ready accounting education related research papers, case studies, teaching notes, or best practices, and we invite reviewers, willing to present their reviews of the chosen manuscripts, to volunteer. Submissions will open in April. Submission deadline is June 30, 2017.

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