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How to use "The Ethical Compass - A Toolkit for Integrity in Business" in your Classroom

Moderator:  Karen Osterheld

Presenter:  Barbara Porco

Video available


Embracing Messenger Chatbots in Teaching and Learning

Moderator:  Dan Jones
  Panelists:  Stephen Coetzee and Astrid Schmulian
  Video available
  Slides available


Excel-Based Active Learning for the Managerial Accounting Course

Moderator:  Dan Jones

Presenter:  Karen W. Braun

Video available

Slide presentation available




TLC Breakfast Panel

  Panelist:  Laura M. Mills, Faculty Relations University Relations, Ernst & Young LLP
  Panelist:  Angela Cherry, Deloitte Advisory National Campus Recruiting Leader, Deloitte LLP
  Panelist:  Stephanie Hernandez, Manager Campus Recruiting, KPMG LLP
  Panelist:  Keaton Swett, Co-Founder & President, MindSumo



CSI Accounting

Moderator:  Cathy Scott

Presenter:  Susan Crosson

Video Available



Action Research to Improve Accounting Education and Accounting Educators

Moderator:  Tracie Nobles

Presenter:  Susan Curtis


Building or Enhancing Your Teaching and Learning Accounting Toolbox

Moderator:  Tracie Nobles

Presenters:  Markus Ahrens and Cathy Scott

Video available



Professional Judgment Framework Curriculum Resources

EY Academic Resource Center

Panelists:  Randy Fletchall, Jana Raedy, Greg Burton, Catherine Banks

Video available



EDT Teaching Perspectives

Presenter:  Cassy Budd

Video available

Letter from the President

Dear TLC Section Members

First, I would like to thank Natalie Churyk for her service as TLC President these past two years. Natalie loves this organization and she has increased member involvement and encouraged participation by TLC members in the Annual Meeting during her tenure. Thank you, Natalie! I would also like to thank the TLC Committees on research and teaching who represented us well in the annual meeting program. These Committees will continue brainstorming new ideas or following through with previous ideas for next year’s program.

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