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Participant Pool for Online Research

I have found recruitment to be quite expensive and difficult, even for seemingly well-paying online experiments. Campus ads are ineffective, but referrals from faculty colleagues have brought a good response rate. Thus a cooperative effort among research colleagues to develop a pool of willing participants seems worthwhile.

With this in mind, I have established a sign-up page at . The contact data collected is currently very basic. Registrants are told that the list will be "available to selected faculty members who may offer you the opportunity to participate in paid studies. When you do receive such offers, they should demonstrate that the study has been approved by their university's institutional review board, and after seeing the disclosures you will be able to accept or decline without affecting your status on this list…"

I will make the latest list available to any ABO Section member who has referred, or promises to refer, students to the pool. Ultimately, I hope to transfer the list and its management to the ABO Section. As a result of inviting 185 people who had shown an interest in one of my experiments, three days later I have 62 people on the list. Here is some text that you might use as a basis to send a message to your students:

If you would like to participate in paid academic research projects conducted by my colleagues here and at other institutions, you may sign up at to receive offers. There is no obligation to accept any offers that you do receive, and any offers should been approved by the researcher's Institutional Review Board for the treatment of human participants. Details are at the website.

Thanks for your consideration, suggestions and support!

Charles Bailey
The University of Memphis

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