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Invitation to Nominate a Colleague to Serve as an
International Council Member–at–Large

As part of the implementation of the revised bylaws, the Board of Directors (BOD) will appoint an International member to serve on the AAA Council. We invite all members of the Association to submit names of candidates to serve as an International Council Member–at–Large. The Board of Directors will make the appointment during their Spring meeting. The new International Council Member–at–Large will be invited to observe the Council meeting held at the 2013 Annual Meeting, but will officially begin a three-year term (2013-2016) at the conclusion of the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Current International Council Members–at–Large:

  • Elizabeth Demers (2012-2015) from INSEAD (France)
  • Jagdish Pathak (2011-2013), University of Windsor (Canada)

You can use the link below to submit a colleague’s name. Please provide the nominee's name, affiliation and up to 5 reasons your nominee would be a great choice to serve as an International Council Member–at–Large. Nominations received by noon EST on Friday, March 1st, will be in the list of individuals from which the International Council Mmember-at-Large will be selected. Nominees need not agree to serve before being nominated by a member. There will be two alternates chosen in case the appointed International Council Member-at-Large selected is unable to serve. The elected nominees must be full members of the AAA.

International Council Member–at–Large Nomination Form

Resources related to the AAA International Council Member–at–Large:

Nominations will close at noon EST on Friday, March 1st.

If you have any questions about this process please contact Alex Metz at Alex@aaahq.org.


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