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2009-2010 AAA Section, Group, and Region Officers

American Taxation Association

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To foster the dissemination and publication of information on taxation.

To promote tax educational activities including (but not limited to) curriculum, education-related materials, graduate tax programs, and tax accreditation matters.

To provide an interface among academic disciplines (e.g., law, economics, and accounting) relative to the cross-fertilization and development of tax-oriented educational programs.

To promote research activities involving tax policy, tax proposals, and tax legislation.

To encourage the interaction of academics with tax practitioners and tax professional organizations in professional service activities of mutual interest.

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2009-2010 Officers

Lillian F Mills
University of Texas at Austin
Dept of Acctg/CBA 4M.202,B6400
21st & Speedway
1 University
Austin, TX 78712-0803
Phone: 512-471-5215
Fax: 512-471-3904
Hughlene A. Burton
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
College of Business Administration
Department of Accounting
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
Phone: 704-687-7696
Fax: 704-510-6938
Email: haburton@uncc.edu
Vice President
Susan Porter
University of Massachusetts
Isenberg School of Management
Department of Accounting
Amherst, MA 01003-4915
Phone: 413-545-5582
Fax: 413-545-3858
Email: porter@acctg.umass.edu
Vice President-Elect
Sandra Renfro Callaghan
Texas Christian University
Department of Accounting
2800 S. University Dr.
Fort Worth, Texas 76109
Phone: 817-257-7191
Fax: 817-257-7227
Email: s.callaghan@tcu.edu
Gregory A Carnes
University of North Alabama
Raburn Eminent Scholar of Accounting
Col of Bus/One Harrison Plaza
UNA Box 5190
Florence, AL 35632-0001
Phone: 256-765-4245
Fax: 256-765-4811
Email: gacarnes@una.edu
Cynthia Vines
University of Kentucky
355 C Gatton
College of Business/Economics
Lexingotn, KY 40502
Phone: 859-257-4675
Fax: 859-257-3654
Email: cvines@uky.edu

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Tracy J. Noga, Ph.D., CPA
Bentley College
Phone: 781-891-2432
Email: TNoga@bentley.edu
Garth F Novack
University of Washington-Tacoma
Phone: 253-692-4620
Email: GarthNovack@Gmail.com
George Plesko
University of Connecticut
Phone: 860-486-6421
Email: gplesko@uconn.edu
Sonja Rego
University of Iowa
Phone: 319-335-0891
Email: sonja-olhoft@uiowa.edu
Jennifer B Kahle-Schafer
University of South Florida
Phone: 813-974-6519
Email: jkahle@coba.usf.edu
Shelley Rhoades-Catanach
Villanova University
Phone: 610-519-4356

Michael P. Dolan
Phone: 202-533-6150
Email: mpdolan@KPMG.com

Henry H. Miyares
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Phone: 202-312-7595
Email:  henry.miyares@us.pwc.com
Sarah Nutter
George Mason University
Phone: 703-993-1860
Email: snutter@gmu.edu

Julia M. Camp
Providence College
Phone:  401-865-2653
Email: jcamp@providence.edu

LeAnn Luna
University of Tennessee
Phone: 865-974-6080
Email: leann@utk.edu
Connie Weaver
Texas A & M University
Phone: 979-845-7934
Email: cweaver@mays.tamu.edu

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Council Representatives

Lillian F Mills
University of Texas at Austin
Phone: 512-471-5215
Email: Lillian.mills@mccombs.utexas.edu

Shelley Rhoades-Catanach
Villanova University
Phone: 610-519-4356

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The Journal of the American
Taxation Association

Richard C Sansing
Dartmouth College
Tuck School of Bus Admin
100 Tuck Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-0392
The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research
Ed Schnee
University of Alabama
Culverhouse School of Accounting
330 Alston Hall
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0220
Phone: 205-348-2910
Email: eschnee@cba.ua.edu

Editor–Elect The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research
Tony Curatola
Dept of Acctng & Tax
Drexel University
3220 Market Street
Matheson Hall Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-895-1453
Email: acuratola@comcast.net

Garth F Novack
University of Washington-Tacoma
Milgard School of Business
1900 Commerce Street, Box 358420
Tacoma, WA 98402
Phone: 253-692-4620
Fax: 253-692-4523
Email: GarthNovack@Gmail.com

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Committee Chairperson

ATA/Deloitte Teaching
Innovation Award

Ed Outslay
Michigan State University
Phone: 517-432-2912
Email: outslay@bus.msu.edu
ATA/PricewaterhouseCoopers Doctoral Dissertation Award
John Phillips
University of Connecticut
Phone: 860-486-2789
ATA Tax Manuscript Award
Ken Klassen
University of Waterloo (Canada)
Phone: 519-888-4567
Email: kklassen@uwaterloo.ca

Assessment and Accreditation Issues
Judith Sage
Texas A&M International University
Phone: 217-553-7963
Email: lloydsage@aol.com

Annual Meeting Program
David Hulse
University of Kentucky
Phone: 859-257-3276
Email: dshuls00@uky.edu
John Robinson
University of Texas - Austin
Phone: 512-471-5315
Concerns of New Faculty
Teresa Stephenson
University of Wyoming
Phone: 307-766-3836
Email: teresas@uwyo.edu

ATA/KPMG Doctoral Consortium
Jennifer Blouin
University of Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-898-1266
Email: blouin@wharton.upenn.edu

External Relations and Membership
Fran Ayres
University of Oklahoma

Phone: 405-325-5768
Email: fayres@ou.edu

JATA Conference
Richard C Sansing
Dartmouth College
Phone: 603-646-0392
Legal Research
Susan Anderson
Appalachian State University
Phone: 336-207-0032
Email: andersonse@appstate.edu

Long-Range Planning Task Force
Beth Kern
Indiana University-South Bend
Phone: 574.520.4352
Email: bkern@iusb.edu

Midyear Meeting Logistical Issues and Site Selection
Shirley Dennis-Escoffier
University of Miami
Phone: 305-284-5577
Email: sdennis@miami.edu

Midyear Meeting Program
Sue Porter
University of Virginia
Phone: 434-243-2961
Email: sue.porter@virginia.edu
Terry Shevlin 
University of Washington
Phone: 206-543-7223
Email: shevlin@u.washington.edu

Sonja Rego
University of Iowa
Phone: 319-335-0891
Email: sonja-olhoft@uiowa.edu

Regional Programs
Tim Rupert
Northeastern University
Phone: 617-373-5165
Email: t.rupert@neu.edu
Research Resources and Methodologies
Stacie LaPlante
University of Georgia
Phone: 706-542-3620
Email: slaplante@terry.uga.edu

Tax Policy Research Oversight
Roby Sawyers
North Carolina State University
Phone: 919-515-4443
Email: roby_sawyers@ncsu.edu

Tax Policy-IRS Practice and Procedure
Roxanne Spindle
Virginia Commonwealth University
Phone: 804-828-7113
Email: rmspindl@vcu.edu

Tax Policy-Tax Accounting
Richard Leaman
University of Denver
Phone: 303-871-2079
Email: rleaman@du.edu

Tax Policy-C Corporation Taxation
Gene Seago
Virginia Tech Unversity
Phone: 540 231-6564
Email: seago@vt.edu

Tax Policy-S-Corporation Taxation
Ken Orbach
Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton
Phone: 561-297-2779
Email: orbach@fau.edu

Tax Policy- Partnership Taxation
Ron Worsham
Brigham Young University
Phone: 801-422-2329
Email: ron_worsham@byu.edu

Tax Policy-Individual Taxation
Kay Sheridan
Troy University
Phone: 334-670-3154
Email: ksheridan@troy.edu

Tax Policy-International
TJ Atwood
Florida State University
Phone: 850-644-7861
Email: tatwood@cob.fsu.edu

Tax Policy-State & Local Tax
Kathleen Wright
California State University, Fullerton
Phone: 714-278-7029
Email: kwright@fullerton.edu

Tax Policy-Estate and Gift Tax
Caroline Strobel
University of South Carolina
Phone: 803-777-2713
Email: strobel@moore.sc.edu

Tax Policy-Exempt Organizations
William Raabe
Ohio State University
Phone: 614-292-4023
Email: raabe_12@fisher.osu.edu
Tax Policy-Employee Benefits
Gregory A Carnes
University of North Alabama
Phone: 256-765-4245
Email: gacarnes@una.edu
Teaching Resources
William Moser
University of Missouri - Columbia
Phone: 573-882-8892
Email: moserwj@missouri.edu

Sonja Pippin
University of Nevado - Reno
Phone: 775-784-1337
Email: sonjap@unr.edu

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Regional Coordinators

Brian Greenstein
Seton Hill University
Phone: 610-539-0344
Email: greensbr@shu.edu

Stephen Gara
Drake University
Phone: 515-271-2156
Email: stephen.gara@drake.edu
Tim Rupert
Northeastern University
Phone: 617-373-5165
Email: t.rupert@neu.edu
William Raabe
Ohio State University
Phone: 614-292-4023
Email: raabe_12@fisher.osu.edu
Cherie Hennig
Florida International University
Phone: 305-864-7155
Email: hennigc@fiu.edu
Susan Sorensen
University of Houston - Clear Lake
Phone: 281-283-3160
Email: sorensen@uhcl.edu
Garth F Novack
University of Washington - Tacoma
Phone: 435-797-8204
Email: GarthNovack@Gmail.com

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Future Meeting

2010 ATA Midyear Meeting & JATA Conference & Doctoral Consortium



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