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Competitive Manuscript Award Committee

Carry out all activities related to selection of the Competitive Manuscript Award. Specifically:

  • Select the recipient(s) of the award, observing subject matter interest, depth of research, contribution to knowledge, and organization of subject matter.


  • The Competitive Manuscript Award Committee is made up of five or six members plus a voting Chair appointed annually by the AAA President.
  • Care should be taken to be sure the committee includes one member knowledgeable in the field of quantitative analysis and another knowledgeable in behavioral science.


  • The committee meets as needed.


  • AAA Staff (Barbara Gutierrez) will ensure the Call for Nominations web page is updated in conjunction with the Committee Directory.
  • Beginning in September, the AAA Awards Coordinator (Stephanie Glaser) will arrange for the Call for Nominations announcement to be included:
    • In the Fall edition of the Accounting Education News
    • On the AAA website and in multi-topic mass emails.
  • The AAA Awards Coordinator will contact the committee chair with the dates that the awards Call for Nominations will be included on the AAA website and in multi-topic mass emails.
  • Members of the committee are encouraged to submit nominations.
  • Submissions for this award are collected electronically. All personal information from the submission is removed when staff posts the submission online.
  • The Awards Coordinator will send the viewing information to the Chair within one week of the January 20th deadline.
  • The committee will select award recipients based on award criteria.
  • The Chair will notify the AAA Awards Coordinator at awards@aaahq.org of the winner(s) on or before April 16th.
  • The Awards Coordinator will reply back to the Chair with the name and affiliation of the winner(s).
  • The Awards Coordinator will notify the AAA President, Executive Director, and Board of Directors Liaison of the winner(s).
  • The AAA President will send a congratulatory email/letter to the winner(s), copying the Executive Director and Chair.
  • The Awards Coordinator will notify the non-winners by email letting them know their paper was not chosen but they are welcome to submit it for consideration in the Accounting Review.
  • If there are more than three outstanding papers submitted, the Chair should advise the AAA Awards Coordinator of the authors and paper topics for possible inclusion in the Annual Meeting program. The Awards Coordinator will be in contact with the Annual Meeting Program Chair to make the arrangements.
  • The AAA Awards Coordinator will make the arrangements for ordering and shipping the award which will be presented by the Chair at the Annual Meeting.
  • A member of the AAA Staff will notify the Chair and Awardee(s) with onsite Annual Meeting presentation instructions.
  • The Chair will write a short article (200 words or less) to be included in the Fall Accounting Education News. This article should be sent to the Awards Coordinator at awards@aaahq.org no later than June 1st.
  • The Chair will have the opportunity three times every term-year to prepare and send a progress report which will be available for the Board of Directors to review at their next meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the AAA President, the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison, and staff liaison, Barbara Gutierrez (barbara.gutierrez@aaahq.org).

Masako Darrough


Name / Affiliation Contact Term Length Term Expires
Phil Shane
University of Virginia
phil.shane@virginia.edu 1 08/2012
Steven Cahan
University of Auckland
s.cahan@auckland.ac.nz 1 08/2012
Jane Thayer
University of Georgia
thayer@terry.uga.edu 1 08/2012
Jayaraman Vijayakumar
Virginia Commonwealth University
jvijayak@vcu.edu 1 08/2012
Isabel Wang
Michigan State University
wang@bus.msu.edu 1 08/2012
Pingyang Gao
University of Chicago
pingyang.gao@chicagobooth.edu 1 08/2012

Board of Directors Liaison
To be determined.

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