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Finance Committee

(Standing Committee of the Association)

The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring the financial condition and goals of the Association and assisting in achieving the Strategic Plan.


  • The Finance Committee shall consist of nine members, each of whom shall normally serve a three-year term, with one-third of the committee members appointed each year.
  • The Finance Committee includes the President and President-Elect, Vice President-Finance and the Vice President Finance-Elect, and other members appointed by the President with staggered terms.
  • The Vice President-Finance shall Chair the Committee.


  • The Finance Committee meets at the Annual Meeting and in the winter (generally February) to review financial condition of the Association, discuss important related issues, and approve the budget.
  • Other meetings of the committee or its sub-committees or task forces may be scheduled in person or by teleconference at the discretion of the Chair.
  • A quorum shall consist of half the number of members plus one.


  • Review the previous minutes, reports, and other important background material.
  • Evaluate additional or alternative ways to finance existing Association activities.
  • Plan financial strategies for Association initiatives and activities.
  • Approve the following fiscal year's budget and revisions to the current year's budget for recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  • Monitor the investment of AAA funds in accordance with established Board of Directors policies and procedures.
  • Review, as needed, Association costs and recommend changes, as appropriate.
  • Undertake special initiatives concerning the financial goals and strategies of the Association as directed by the President or Board of Directors.
  • Review and prepare a recommendation for the Board of Directors on the desirability of dues increases or altering the dues structure as well as Annual Meeting fees of the AAA.
  • Diane Leger, (dianel@aaahq.org) AAA Director of Finance, provides staff support for the Finance Committee Chair.
  • Barbara Gutierrez, (barbara.gutierrez@aaahq.org) Office Administrator, assists with providing logistical support for committee and task force meetings and conference calls.
  • The Chair will have the opportunity three times every term-year to prepare and send a progress report which will be available for the Board of Directors to review at their next meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the AAA President, the committee's Board of Directors Liaison, and staff liaison, Barbara Gutierrez (barbara.gutierrez@aaahq.org).

Stacy Kovar
Kansas State University
Vice President-Finance


Name / Affiliation Contact Term Length Term Expires
Greg Waymire, President
Emory University
gregory_waymire@bus.emory.edu 2 08/2012
Karen Pincus
University of Arkansas
kpincus@walton.uark.edu 2 08/2013
Dale Flesher
Vice President Finance-Elect
University of Mississippi
acdlf@olemiss.edu 3 08/2014
Elaine Mauldin
University of Missouri
mauldin@missouri.edu 3 08/2012
Wim Van der Stede
London School of Economics
& Political Science
w.van-der-stede@lse.ac.uk 3 08/2012
Marc Rubin
Miami University
rubinma@muohio.edu 3 08/2013
Stan Jenne
Utah Valley University
sjenne@uvu.edu 3 08/2013
Ken Bouyer
kenneth.bouyer@ey.com 3 08/2014
Stephen Moehrle
University of Missouri-St. Louis
moehrle@umsl.edu 3 08/2014
Anne Beatty
Ohio State University
beatty.86@osu.edu 3 08/2014

Board of Directors Liaison

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